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We exist to create joy. To motivate the roamer in everyone. By inspiring exploration, we invite discovery. We move our audience to action with stunning stories that happen beyond the comfort zone. We transport our community to the hidden wonders of the world. We teach by sharing our contributors’ wisdom and experiences. We share, create, and foster that inner voice that says, “Go ROAM.”

We are a community of explorers and adventurers. We live to play in the mountains and on the sea. We crave the crackle of a bonfire and the snap of stories that come before sleeping under the stars. We feel most at home when we ROAM.

It is these places and the people who seek them out—despite the uncertainty, danger, pain, and hardship—that make us a community. ROAM seeks to stitch the narratives of the master storytellers into one cohesive voice. Our founding contributors include Jimmy Chin, Travis Rice, Andy Best, Chris Burkard, Renan Ozturk, Mike Horn, Keith Ladzinki, Sasha DiGiulian, Andy Mann, Ian Walsh, and Jeremy Jones. See their bios here.

ROAM seeks the stories of human endurance, brilliant destinations, innovative explorer engineering, athletic prowess, cultural curiosity, our symbiotic relationship with all life, and the astounding ecology of our planet. Our community of contributors finds these moments in the most remote, wild, and visually stunning locations on Earth. We put these moments into the pockets of our audience—every day.

By connecting through visual, social-first storytelling, we cultivate a deeper level of understanding and curiosity in our audience. Powerful images and stories incite a powerful feeling of connectedness. And through connectedness, we find community. And through community we can affect the world for the better.

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