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Adam Ondra is recognized as one of the world’s most elite rock climbers of our generation. Having established a large number of the most difficult routes in the 5.15 realm around the globe, Ondra is now setting out to push the upper echelon of human rock-climbing ability as we know it.

His goal: To climb 5.15 in a single try. No falls. No practice attempts. Simply perfect execution.
ROAM: Adam Ondra Pushes the Limits of Rock Climbing
Adam Ondra chalks up below his route. Photo by Tim Banfield

Anyone can find something above their limit, and train for years specifically for it. Doing it on your first try without ever touching the holds? That takes some creative preparation. For Adam, that preparation begins with intense visual rehearsal, and even goes as far as retraining himself how to walk.

“Plenty of athletes use visualization in their performance – skiers, gymnasts, and climbers…. But when Adam does it, it’s unlike anything you have seen before. To say he works up a sweat is putting it mildly,” shares Zac Barr, head of production at Sender Films behind the Reel Rock Film Tour.

This seemingly inhuman feat is being documented as a part of the Reel Rock 13 tour, premiering tonight in Boulder, CO, and traveling around the world to showcase the most exciting and diverse stories from all across the climbing community.

To find out when and where you can catch the tour, head over to ReelRockTour.com for the full schedule and tickets.

ROAM: Adam Ondra Pushes the Limits of Rock Climbing
Ondra fully engaged on the route Disbelief. Photo by Tim Banfield

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