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Can outdoor adventure help heal PTSD, depression, and other wounds of war? U.S. combat veterans @stacyabare@brownhousepr, and @cff.griff, whose lives were deeply impacted by their service, returned to Iraq with the goal of climbing and skiing the country’s second tallest peak. Through adventure and cultural bonds forged through shared meals, new friends, late night dancing in a mountain hut, and chasing pow, they hoped to build new memories that would help heal the wounds of war. “I can’t unsee my war,” says Bare, “but I’ll always know what it was like to be at the highest point of my life, both literally and physically here in Iraq, and also the lowest point of my here in Iraq.”

See their story in the new film “Adventure Not War”: http://bit.ly/Adventure-Not-War

>> Footage by @max.lowe @steptstudios@linze3 @fish_vizion @nimiavisuals

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