Calling All Adventurous Photographers, Filmmakers & Writers

ROAM is proud to announce the first annual ROAM Awards, embodying the spirited creativity of our extended audience of adventure seekers and storytellers. Whether in photo, video, or written essay form – we’re looking to showcase the best of the best. Our collaborative quest is to discover, celebrate, and amplify emerging and established talents while promoting a pervasive appreciation for the natural world, adventure, and meaning.

2019 Submissions Closed

Awards Ceremony

ROAM Awards Logo

December 5, 2019

Image courtesy the Boulder Theater

Photo by Scott Serfas

Hosted By


At The

Boulder Theater

The beautiful turn-of-the-century Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado is home to the 2019 ROAM Awards Ceremony. ROAM Founding Member and legendary snowboarder, Travis Rice, will be bringing down the house as the ceremony host. Imagine yourself being honored on stage in front of a live audience by the Award's distinguished judges and mingling with today's top creators and athletes in outdoor adventure and storytelling. Winner’s work will be exhibited throughout the event and the Awards contest sponsors will be there with a few special surprises, too.

Competition Gallery

Just by entering, your work will be reviewed by our editors for immediate exposure in our contest gallery and across all our online channels, reaching a combined audience of millions. Entrants to our Awards receive massive online exposure throughout the competition, so enter your work early and take advantage of this opportunity!



Andy Mann

Chase Jarvis

Jody MacDonald

Chris Rainier

Rhonda Rubinstein


Jimmy Chin

Travis Rice

Mimi Chakarova

Ron Dawson

Dale Djerassi

Written Essay

Sasha DiGiulian

Maria Coffey

Geoffrey Gray

Annette McGivney

Kerry Tremain



15 Winners 45 Finalists Staff Picks Every Entrant
$45,000 in Cash Awards
Travel & Lodging Stipend for Awards Ceremony
Dinner with the Judges and Industry VIPs
Workshops from Industry Experts
Takeover the ROAM Instagram Account
Winning writers receive contract from ROAM
Join the exclusive ROAM creator network
Thousands of dollars in non-cash prizes
In-person and Online Exhibitions
Published in the ROAM Journal
Exposure to ROAM’s Massive Social Audience
International Press Exposure
Your Work Reviewed by Industry Professionals
Share Your Work with the Global Community
Opportunities for Immediate Exposure


Deadline is October 25, 2019


Takeover ROAM’s Instagram
and be featured on ROAM’s website

As a winner in the photo or video category, you’ll get exposure to ROAM’s massive social audience as well as be featured prominently in an interview on ROAM’s website.

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Your work goes on tour with the 5Point Film Festival

As a photo, video or essay winner or finalist, clips of your work will be shown at the 13th Annual Flagship Festival in a ROAM-produced film and will be shown at 5Point screenings.

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Image Courtesy 5Point Film Festival

Essay winners will be paid
to write for ROAM

As the author of a winning essay, ROAM will offer you a 3-month paid contract to write for ROAM, with potential to extend the contract. Authors will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas or may be given assignments.

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Join the ROAM Network as a Content Creator

As a photo, video or essay winner, you’ll be invited to join the exclusive ROAM creator network and you’ll get opportunities to collaborate with and create content for ROAM, including opportunities to create branded content for ROAM clients.

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Photo by Erich Roepke

ROAM Awards Rules

Entry Period

The ROAM Awards (the “Contest”) begins on September 24, 2019 at 6 AM Mountain Time (MT), and ends on October 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM Mountain Time (MT) (the “Contest Entry Period”). Entry into this Contest constitutes your acceptance of these Official Rules. 


ROAM Media, Inc., 1910 Pearl Street Boulder Colorado 80302 USA is the primary sponsor of the Contest.

Who May Enter

The ROAM Awards is open to all creators and “Contest Entrants” may be amateur, semi-professional or professional photographers, videographers / filmmakers, and essayists or writers/authors. ROAM especially encourages emerging artists to submit their work for review. Creators from anywhere in the world may submit photographs, videos, or essays. Contest Entrants must be 18 years of age or older as of the date and time the submission window opens for the 2019 ROAM Awards. Employees of ROAM Media, Inc., its officers, directors of its national, state and center boards, and their immediate families (parents, children, siblings and spouses, regardless of where they reside) or those living in the same household (whether or not related), and employees of Inkwell Media, Inc., its officers, directors, parents, affiliates, and advertising agencies associated with this Contest, and their immediate families (parents, children, siblings and spouses, regardless of where they reside) or those living in the same household (whether or not related), are not eligible to participate.

Artist Rights Are Fully Respected

All photographers, videographers, and authors retain full copyrights for their own work. Period. Winners, Finalists, and Staff Picks grant ROAM Media, Inc. limited, restricted use of winning entries only to promote the photographers themselves and in connection with marketing the Awards competition itself. 


Eligible individuals (the “Entrant” or “You”) may enter unlimited submissions that depict nature, outdoor adventure and/or adventure with purpose to the following five categories (each a “Category” or collectively the “categories”):

*The same submission cannot be entered into more than one Category. e.g. — you may not upload “My Photo.jpg” to both the Discovery category and the Purpose category.


You must be 18 years of age or older as of 9/24/19, and your submissions must relate to what gives you meaning in life. We’re called to have a positive social or environmental impact on the world, but answering the call is not easy, and usually implies a degree of sacrifice and discomfort. However, when you release fear and doubt and let your purpose guide your choices, you receive the priceless opportunity to connect with something greater than yourself. Whether it’s changing your behavior, joining a movement, or serving others, fulfilling your purpose can manifest in countless, distinctive ways. The purpose category seeks photo, video and essay submissions which represent listening to that voice in your head you cannot ignore, nudging you to do better, to courageously step into the unknown, take action and do your part to improve the health of the planet and its inhabitants.


You must be 18 years of age or older as of 9/24/19, and your submissions must relate to the lessons you learn. They say it’s never an adventure until something goes wrong and that the journey is the true reward. Whether you traveled around the world to ski only to be thwarted by suboptimal conditions, broke customary traditions while visiting a foreign country, or otherwise wandered into uncharted territory, we want to know what surprises adventure in the outdoors has had in store for you. These stories may not be tales of triumph, and they may be a far cry from what we had envisioned, but some of the greatest stories ever told are those of human endurance in the face of unexpected obstacles. The lessons category seeks photo, video, and essay submissions that showcase how you’ve emerged from the depths of adventure and what the journey taught you.


You must be 18 years of age or older as of 9/24/19, and your submissions must relate to discovery. We roam to discover new parts of ourselves and the world. Whether it’s your first time getting up on a surfboard, photographing the night sky, seeing a whale surface for air, planning an expedition, or falling in love with the desert, these experiences leave a lasting impression on us, shifting our perspective or even changing the course of our lives. These encounters with new ways of thinking, living, exploring and interacting with our natural environment are what keep us alive. The discovery category seeks photo, video, and essay submissions about a personal “first” for you, or a “first” for all humankind, such as setting a record, establishing a new route, or daring to explore the most isolated corners of the planet.


You must be 18 years of age or older as of 9/24/19, and your submission must relate to something which gives you a sense of awe and wonder. There are times and places in life that take our breath away. These experiences go beyond our comprehension and bring us fully into the present moment. We aim to encapsulate these moments as memories through our art, in order to etch that feeling onto our soul forever. From the deepest sense of calm, to uninhibited joy, to pure reverence, the enduring beauty of earth’s wild, rugged places compels us to share our experiences with the world. The awe category seeks photo, video, and essay submissions that demonstrate this utter immersion in nature’s power and majesty.


You must be 18 years of age or older as of 9/24/19, and your submissions must relate to something which gives you a thrill. Think less and send more, sometimes that’s the best way to play. Whether plunging deep into frigid ocean waters, catching a monster wave, or raging singletrack that makes you want your mommy, beating the game can be like a shortcut to nirvana. Not all of us will free solo El Cap like Alex Honnold or decimate an Alaskan face like Travis Rice, but we’ve all experienced that heart-pumping surge of pure joy and energy that exists at the very edge of adventure in our own way. The thrill category seeks the most daring photo, video, and essay submissions about those who don’t ask ‘why,’ but ask ‘why not!?’  

How to Enter

To enter online, you must:

  1. You can only enter this contest online.
  2. Go to the Contest Webpage at RoamMedia.com/Awards from your web browser on your mobile or desktop. 
  3. Click / tap “Enter Now.”
  4. Register on RoamMedia.com or login to your existing account.
  5. Select which entry medium you want to upload: 
    1. Photo
    2. Video
    3. Essay

Follow the contest entry submission process using the contest entry form.

  1. Give your submission a title (required). Click / tap the category which best aligns with your submission. Assign credit to your submission (required). Give your submission a description (required). Upload the photo, image or essay file from your computer or mobile phone using the local files option, the direct link option, by connecting your google drive, or by connecting your dropbox. Enter your Instagram profile URL (optional) and website (optional). Click submit entry. 
  2. To upload additional photo, video, or essay entries click “Submit Another Entry” on the final cart / checkout screen.
  3. Complete the payment information and make the required payment. 
  4. You will receive an email confirmation that your entries have been received and a receipt of your payment. ROAM will keep you up to date via email on the selection process.

Entry fees are as follows: 

  1. $20 per single image
  2. $40 per single essay or video
  3. $40 for up to 4 images
  4. $75 for up to 4 essays or videos
  5. $10 for each additional image over 4
  6. $25 for each additional essay or video over 3

Submission Eligibility and Submission Upload Requirements

Eligible Photographs

To be eligible to win, all submitted Photographs must depict adventure or adventure with adventure with purpose as noted in the Categories above, and accurately reflect the subject matter as it appeared in the viewfinder (a “Photograph”). 

All Photographs must have been taken between September 01, 2016 and October 25, 2019. 

You warrant that no part of the Photograph has been published by ROAM, including in ROAM Magazine, on any portion of ROAM’s website. See “General Conditions” for more. Normal processing of original file is acceptable, including:

  • cropping
  • minor adjustments to color, white balance, tone, lighting levels and curves, shadows and highlights, saturation, contrast, sharpness
  • moderate dodging and burning
  • removal of dust spots and reduction of image noise.

Photographs that have been digitally or otherwise altered beyond standard optimization will be disqualified. That includes:

  • HDR frame stacking
  • stitched panoramas
  • images that have been manipulated by the addition, removal, or alteration (painting over, cloning, or blurring) of anything in the original subject and scene that were photographed
  • borders, signatures or watermarks.

You may be required to provide ROAM with original image files (RAW, jpg, etc.) in the timeframe provided upon request (generally within 7 days). Failure to provide original files may result in the disqualification of the Photograph at ROAM’s sole discretion. 

Photographs MUST meet the following requirements: 

  1. Depict adventure and/or adventure with purpose as noted in the Categories.
  2. Be no smaller than 1 megabytes and be no larger than 1.5 gigabytes.

Eligible Videos

To be eligible to win, all submitted videos must depict adventure or adventure with purpose as noted in the Categories above, and accurately reflect the subject matter as it appeared in the viewfinder (a “Video”). Normal processing of original file is acceptable, including: 

You warrant that no part of the Video has been published by ROAM, including ROAM Magazine, or on any portion of ROAM’s website. See “General Conditions” for more. 

All Videos must have been made between September 01, 2016 and October 25, 2019. Edits of a feature length film to between 15 seconds and 90 seconds are acceptable submissions. Films can be submitted by both professional and emerging filmmakers, and can include brand representation, although the submission of ‘adverts’ is not allowed. Trailers are not allowed / will not be qualified. Films may have been previously broadcast or released online, but the clip or the film from which the clip is taken may not have won any previous awards or prizes for competitions.

Videos MUST meet the following requirements: 

  1. Depict adventure and/or adventure with purpose as noted in the Categories.
  2. Be no shorter than 15 seconds and be no longer than 90 seconds
  3. If your video/film is selected as a staff pick, winner, or finalist, we may request screening files from you.
  4. By entering the film competition, you represent and warrant that: 
  1. You own all right, title and interest, including copyright and all intellectual property rights, in and to the film being submitted to the Awards and have the right to distribute, exhibit and promote the film in or through all media formats now known or hereafter devised, including, but not limited to, the Internet throughout the universe. 
  2. All music licences (including, without limitation, all synchronisation, mechanical and master-use license, as applicable) have been obtained and all payments have been made that are required for the public performance of the music incorporated in the film; and,
  3. No material in the film being submitted to the Awards is libellous- or is slanderous or defamatory or violates any right of privacy or publicity of any person, and the full use of the rights in such film will not violate any rights, including copyright or moral rights, of any person, film or corporation. 

Eligible Essays

All Essays must have been written between September 01, 2016 and October 25, 2019. If it’s been published in exchange for payment, it is not eligible to win. Anything that’s been published on ROAM social channels or Roammedia.com is not eligible to win. Essays written by multiple authors are not eligible for submission. Essays that have been professionally edited are not qualified for submission.

Essays MUST meet the following requirements:

  1. Depict adventure and/or adventure with purpose as noted in the Categories above.
  2. Be no less than 500 words and no more than 2,000 words. The target is 750-1000 words.
  3. Essays should be submitted in English. You are welcome to write your essay in your native language (if not English) but it must be translated into English for submission.
  4. To help us organize and manage the significant number of Submissions, please use the following guidelines when titling your document prior to submission. Essays that are not saved with this naming format may be disqualified. Name the file “LastnameFirstfourlettersoffirstname_Essay2019”. For example, our CEO, Christopher Jerard’s submission would be titled “JerardChri_Essay2019”.


The first essential element in outdoor adventure photography is a sincere respect for the people and all inhabitants of any given environment. In any conflict of interest, the well-being of any living beings and their habitats must come before the ambitions of the photographer. We abide by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics 7 Principles and encourage all ROAMers and Contest Entrants to do the same.  No people or objects may be added, rearranged, reversed, distorted or removed from a photograph. If images are staged, this should be made clear in the written statements and captions. It is important, always, to take into account the ethical considerations of photography, and to protect vulnerable people and fragile environments from potential harm that could be inflicted as a result of publishing images.

Judges, Winner Selection Procedure and Judging Criteria


Judging will be conducted by a panel of 1) preliminary judges and a panel of 2) distinguished judges appointed by ROAM Media Inc.. 

Winner Selection Procedure

All eligible submissions from each medium will be reviewed by a preliminary panel of qualified, professional judges. 

From the remaining entries that pass the First and Second Round of judging by the preliminary panel, a panel of distinguished judges will select Winners, Finalists and Judge Picks for each category.

Judging Criteria

Judges will score eligible Photograph, Video, and Essay submissions using the following criteria: 

  1. Technical Quality (30 percent)
  2. Originality (40 percent)
  3. Artistic Merit (30 percent).

In the event of a tie for any award or honor, the Judges will use the Originality score of each tied submission to rank the submissions. The submission with the highest Originality score will be the winner for that prize. If there continues to be a tie after the Originality scores are compared, the Judges will compare and rank the Technical Quality scores, and then the Artistry scores, in that order. The decisions of the Judges and the Sponsors are final. 

Winner Confirmation

Winners will be privately contacted and confirmed by email and/or telephone by mid-to-late-November 2019. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in Boulder, CO on Dec. 5, 2019. 

Prize Conditions

All expenses related to the acceptance or use of any Prize is the sole responsibility of prize winner.

Winners will be required to sign an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release of Liability and Publicity (together, the “Releases”), where permitted, or, and return the Releases/Declaration, properly executed, to ROAM within seven days of being notified. If winner is a U.S. resident, Releases will require the winner to furnish his/her Social Security Number for the sole purpose of tax reporting, as required by law. If a winner is otherwise eligible under these Official Rules, but is nevertheless deemed a minor in his or her state of primary residence, his/her prize will be awarded in the name of his/her parent or legal guardian who must execute the Releases/Declaration on the minor winner’s behalf. Sponsors may disqualify any winner who fails to respond to the prize notification or fails to return the Releases/Declaration within the seven-day period and, at Sponsors’ sole discretion, select an alternate winner. If any Prize or Prize notification is returned as undeliverable, a winner declines his or her Prize, or a winner fails to comply with any of these Official Rules, that winner will be disqualified and an alternate winner may be selected by the Judges using the scoring procedure outlined above.   

Winners are responsible for the payment of any taxes on Prizes.

Prizes will be awarded within 45 days of each winner being confirmed.

Awards Ceremony

ROAM will provide a travel stipend for Awards winners. All travel-related expenses beyond the provided stipend to Boulder for the Awards Ceremony and/or the Awards Dinner including but not limited to ground transportation to and from home, taxes, gratuities, incidentals, upgrades, insurance, service charges, airport surcharges, luggage fees, departure taxes, resort or property fees, food & beverage and personal expenses such as telephone/Internet charges, and gift shop purchases are the sole responsibility of winner. 

All reservations are based on availability and holidays may be excluded. Accommodations are subject to availability at time of reservation. Blackout dates, advance booking requirements, and travel restrictions may apply. Availability is subject to factors such as weather, seasonality and space availability. If weather affects the ability of winner and his/her guest to redeem any portion of prize during the scheduled date and time, then the Sponsors shall have no further obligation to the winner and/or guest other than to supply the remaining elements of the prize package minus the unused portion of prize.

Prizes are not redeemable for cash, except at the sole discretion of the Sponsors. Prizes are non-assignable or transferable. No substitution is permitted except if Prize or Prize component is unavailable, in which case a prize of equal or greater value will be awarded. Any other incidental expenses on Prize not specified herein are the sole responsibility of each winner. Once a Prize has been delivered to the winner’s residence, the Prize is considered awarded.

General Conditions

All terms subject to change. By submitting to the 2019 ROAM Awards, you agree to the following:

You represent and warrant that:

    1. You are the sole and exclusive author and owner of the Submission and all rights therein
    2. The Submission has not won any previous awards, prizes or contests.
    3. You did not enter same Photograph, Video, or Essay into more than one Category. If this is found, the Submission may be disqualified.
    4. You have the full and exclusive right, power, and authority to submit the Submission and to grant ROAM and the rights granted herein, including a worldwide copyright license, upon the terms and conditions set herein
    5. No rights in the Submission have been previously granted to any person, firm, corporation or other entity, or otherwise encumbered such that the prior grant would limit or interfere with the rights granted to the Sponsors herein
    6. No part of the Submission has been published by ROAM, including in ROAM Magazine, on any portion of ROAM’s website.
    7. No part of your Submission defames or invades the privacy or publicity rights of any person, living or decreased, or otherwise infringes upon any third party’s copyright, trademark or other personal or property rights.

You acknowledge that: 

  1. Sponsors have the right in their sole discretion to disqualify any Submission at any time if they determine that the Submission is offensive, inappropriate, or contrary to the Sponsors’ reputations, or that you or your Submission have not complied with any of the Official Rules
  2. Any entrant that contacts a judge (not the general photo contest email account) while the competition is open or during the judging phase may be disqualified. The decision by the Sponsors to disqualify any Submission is final.
  3. Sponsors are not responsible for misdirected, incomplete, lost, late, undelivered, inaccurate, illegible, or delayed Submissions, for technical, hardware, or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions, for human, mechanical, typographical, printing, electronic, or network errors, for errors which may occur in connection with the administration of the Contest, the processing of Submissions, the announcement of prizes, or any other errors, any of which may limit or affect your ability to participate in the Contest
  4. Sponsors have the right to modify, suspend or cancel the Contest in the event that it becomes infected by a computer virus or is otherwise technically impaired, and to suspend or cancel the Contest in its entirety should tampering, unauthorized access, fraud, technical failures, acts of God or other causes corrupt the administration, security, fairness, or integrity of the Contest. If the Contest is suspended, Sponsors may select winners from the set of all non-suspect, eligible Submissions received up to the date of cancellation using the judging procedure outlined above, or, in their sole discretion, cancel the Contest and decide to award no Prizes;
  5. You may be disqualified from entering the Contest if it is determined by the Sponsors that you engaged in false or deceptive acts
  6. Mass entries generated by script, macro or use of automated devices will be disqualified
  7. By entering the Contest, you are not creating a confidential or fiduciary relationship with the Sponsors
  8. Sponsors may themselves create other artwork, receive Submissions from other Entrants for this Contest, or receive Submissions from third parties in connection with Sponsors’ customary business that are similar or identical to your Photograph in theme, idea, format or other respects.  You waive any and all claims you may have now or may have in the future that your Submissions are substantially similar in theme, idea or format to any photographs or other artwork in Sponsors’ possession
  9. Sponsors and their designees have the right, unless prohibited under law, to use your name, city and state of residence, voice, picture and likeness, without compensation, notification or approval, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing the Sponsors’ goods and services and publicizing the Contest, in any manner or medium, now or hereafter known, worldwide and in perpetuity.

If any Photograph in your Submission contains any material or elements not owned by you, or which are subject to the rights of third parties, you are responsible, prior to submitting the Submission, for obtaining any and all releases necessary to permit the use and exhibition of the Submission in all the manners contemplated by these Official Rules, including, without limitation, permission to use the name and likeness of any person who appears or is identifiable in the Submission. You may be required to provide proof of these permissions in a form acceptable to ROAM, and if you fail to provide such proof within seven days of request by ROAM, your Submission will be disqualified. 

You irrevocably grant to each ROAM a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to use the Submission in any manner related to the Contest, including all associated use, reproduction, distribution, sublicense, derivative works, and commercial and non-commercial exploitation rights in any and all media now known or hereafter invented, including, but not limited to: 

  1. forthcoming ROAM Journal, ROAM exclusive content channel, and all ROAM websites and blogs related to the Contest
  2. any slideshows, brochures, newsletters, articles, reports, calendars and publications related to the Contest
  3. solicitations for the Contest
  4. promotions and communications related to the Contest
  5. physical and digital galleries and exhibitions of Submissions, including, but not limited to, exhibitions of Contest Submissions and/or Prize winners at a national museum, or at ROAM offices, centers and festivals. You may be required to execute any documents necessary to perfect such rights in the Sponsors.

You hereby release ROAM, Sponsors, their parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and divisions, and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability, loss or damage arising from or in connection with your participation or attempt to participate in the Contest, and/or the awarding, receipt, use or misuse of a Prize or participation in any Prize-related activities; from claims based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy; and from claims based on the infringement of or protection of the copyright in your Submission.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Sponsors against any claims by any third party related to a breach of any of these General Conditions, including, but not limited to, a claim of ownership of any copyright, trademark, or any personal or property rights, libel, defamation, invasion of privacy or right of publicity, or your failure to pay taxes on any Prize. 

The Sponsors and their parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and divisions, and their respective directors, officers, employees, attorneys, representatives and agents make no warranties, and hereby disclaim all warranties, express or implied, concerning the Contest and any Prize furnished or awarded in connection with the Contest, including, but not limited to, ROAM’s ability to award a Prize due to its bankruptcy, insolvency or failure to continue its business. WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING, PRIZES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND THE CONTEST ENTITIES HEREBY DISCLAIM ALL SUCH WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND/OR NONINFRINGEMENT.

If your Submission is determined by ROAM in its sole discretion to be ineligible at any time during or after the Contest Entry Period, that Submission will be removed from the judging. If your Submission is found to have been ineligible after it was awarded a Prize, you agree to return the Prize or the value of such Prize to ROAM immediately following notification of ineligibility. If you are disqualified by ROAM in its sole discretion for a violation of any of these Official Rules at any time during or after the Contest Entry Period, all of your Submissions will be disqualified from the Contest and, in the event that any of your Submissions were awarded a prize, you agree to return the Prize or the value of such Prize to ROAM immediately following notification of disqualification.


Personal information collected from online entries is subject to ROAM’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at ROAMmedia.com/privacy-policy; provided, that in the event of any conflict between these Official Rules and such Privacy Policy, the terms and conditions of these Official Rules prevail. This Contest is void where prohibited by law. Contest is governed by U.S. law and subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.


Can I upload my submission from my mobile phone ?

Yes. You can also upload from your desktop.

How do I enter my submission to the contest?

To enter online, you must:

  1. Go to the Contest Webpage at RoamMedia.com/Awards from your web browser.
  2. Click / tap “Enter Now.”
  3. Register on RoamMedia.com or Login
  4. Select which entry medium you want to upload: 
    1. Photo
    2. Video
    3. Essay

Follow the contest entry submission process using the contest entry form.

  1. Follow the instructions to upload your Submissions. 
  2. Complete the payment information and make the required payment. 
  3. You will receive an email confirmation that your entries have been received and a receipt of your payment.

What is the cost to enter?

  • $20 per single image
  • $40 per single essay or video
  • $40 for up to 4 images
  • $75 for up to 3 essays or videos
  • $10 for each additional image over 4
  • $25 for each additional essay or video over 3

Can I get a refund on my awards entry fee for my submission for any reason?

Entry fees will be refunded on a case by case basis.

What criteria do the Judges use to determine the winners?

The judges will look at how closely your entry relates to the category to which it was submitted, then move on to judging your entry according to it’s technical execution (30%), it’s originality (40%) and it’s artistry (30%). Writing a description of your work will give the judges context for your work and is important in judging your entry, too.

What prizes can I win? 

Winners will get 

    • Filmmaker Kits + Photo Case
      • + Anamorphic Lens
      • + 37mm Cine Filter Set
      • + 62mm Filter Mount

How many winners will there be?

There will be 15 Winners, 45 Finalists and 40 Staff Picks.The distinguished judges will select 1 winner per category for each medium for a total of 15 winners, and they will select 3 finalists per category for each medium.

What are the complete exposure benefits I can expect as a winner?

  • You’ll be exposed to ROAM’s 850K Instagram followers in a takeover of ROAM’s Instagram Feed, Instagram Story, and in a feature on ROAM IGTV. 
  • ROAM will feature your work as cover images on its social channels and on the ROAM website as a full-width homepage slider 
    • we will pull quotes from winning essays and create graphics out of them to feature on site
    • we will use winning photos
    • we will use stills or screen grabs from winning videos
  • We’ll offer authors of winning essays a  contract to have your own column on roammedia.com, with potential to extend the contract. Authors will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas or may be given assignments.
  • Winners will join the exclusive ROAM creator network for opportunities to find paid gigs
  • International press outreach and media coverage of your work on your behalf
  • Your work will go on tour with 5Point Film Festival in a ROAM-produced short film.
  • ROAM will provide you an awards vector file that you can add to your website, social profiles, photos and movie credits to showcase that you are a ROAM Awards winner.
  • You’ll enjoy an intimate dinner party with industry VIPs, ROAM Founding Members, the distinguished judges and the other awards winners and get all-access to the Ceremony Afterparty.
  • You can be honored on stage at the ROAM Awards ceremony in Boulder, CO. 
  • All entrants have the opportunity to be featured in a ROAM social media gallery, updated weekly for the duration of the awards, curated by ROAM staff. The ROAM ‘Staff Picks’ will get early buzz and exposure!


Can I submit a fiction short story for the essay portion of the awards?


No, please only submit nonfiction essays based on your experiences, second-hand experiences, your beliefs, etc. Your essay must relate to one of the categories as outlined above.

Can I get an invoice for my awards entry fee?

Once your entry is submitted, we automatically email you a confirmation invoice indicating payment details, the category, the amount you paid and how you paid it (credit card or Paypal).

How will I be notified if I win?

ROAM Media will contact you via phone and if a phone is not available then by the email you provided.

There are certain elements of the categories which overlap with one another and I believe my entry fits more than one category. What should I do?

Select the category which best aligns with your artistic vision and your entry. 

Can I submit more than one photo, essay, or video to more than one category? 

Yes, however, you may not submit the same entry to more than one category. 

I live outside the U.S. What do I need to know?

Entrants outside the US are encouraged to submit their work. This is a global photo, video, and essay contest. 

What is the minimum and maximum length of a video submission?

All video submissions must be between 15 seconds and 90 seconds.

Can I submit a clip of a longer film or feature-length movie?

Yes. However, the clip should not be a trailer.

What is the maximum file size for all submissions?

The maximum upload file size is 1.5 GB.

My photo, video or essay was featured on ROAM’s website or one of its social media channels already. Can I submit the same photo, video, or essay to win? 


I’d like to submit a photo, video or essay which already won an award, is it eligible to win?

Yes, as long as it did not win a previous ROAM Awards and has been created in the past three years.

I’m a student. Do I get discount? 

There are no student discounts for 2019 ROAM Awards.

I’m a professional photographer, content creator, author or filmmaker. Can I still enter?


Do I have to come to the ceremony to collect my award and prizes?


My question isn’t answered here. Can someone help me?

Read the complete Awards Rules which goes into further detail on all these topics and many more. If you still have questions after reading the rules, we are happy to help. Click the help widget in the bottom right corner of your screen, or email support@roam.media.

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