2019 ROAM Awards Recap

A video to recap the amazing night of the 2019 ROAM Awards. […]

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March 18th

Avani Nuna

Follow along with Jimmy Chin and ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers as they scour the remote, mountainous terrain of Greenland in search of perfect lines. […]

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March 17th

Columnists, Noah Kaplan

Far To Go

From one of the 2019 Roam Award Winners comes a fresh, poignant voice writing about the times we are in and adventures we undertake. […]

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May 20, 2020

Noah Kaplan

Columnists, Emily Ventures

Just Start

A great new article from Emily, reminding us that beginnings can be scary. Whether it’s the beginning of a school year, the beginning of a new venture, or just the beginning of a calendar year. But regardless of how arbitrary it might seem to be, a new year often does come with new possibilities. […]

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Emily Hart


Electric Greg

Record-breaking mountain endurance athlete, Greg Hill, has never shied away from a goal. Watch this carbon neutral quest to become a better adventurer.

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May 10, 2020

Anthony Bonello & Mike Douglas


Out on a Limb

Empathy, efficiency, and a willingness to adapt – Kai Lin’s KLIPPA prosthetic foot is inspired by mountain goats and a desire to help people. […]

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Jordan Manley


The Redstone Pack

What began as an impromptu leap into the world of dog sledding, Aaron Natoniewski’s methodical approach to the sport and understanding of his dogs has inspired a team of sled hounds unlike any other. […]

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April 19, 2020

The Roos Brothers


#happiness Winners

Judge for this weeks #hashtag contest – #happiness – Mr. Cory Richards announces the winners! […]

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April 18, 2020

Cory Richards

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