Adventure Cycling

Adventure Cycling is the combination of adventure cycling (gravel/mountain) and minimalist camping.

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Meet Your Instructor

Rebecca Rusch is an American ultra endurance pro athlete, 7x world champion, author, entrepreneur, Emmy Award winner, and motivational speaker whose career has spanned numerous adventure sports including rock climbing, expedition racing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing and mountain biking.


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7 minutes

Adventure with Purpose

A father’s message, a daughter’s mission, and a call to action for all who desire to live with purpose, explore with passion, and create lasting change. The Be Good Foundation enriches communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution.


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From bike selection to fit to what to wear and what to eat. From planning and navigation to fitness and essential bike skills. From Rebecca's personal stories on the trail to the future of bike packing - this course will get you ready for an all day to overnight adventure.


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15 minutes

The Basics - Gear and Planning

A checklist for spares and safety and of course.From wheel size and suspension, to the tools to bring along and how to use them. Rebecca covers what you need to know on your bike, how to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong on the trail. From a bail out plan to a Leatherman and headlamp.


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10 minutes

Fitness: Your body - the most critical piece of gear

You've gotten the gear, now let’s get your body ready to go. We're going to talk about how to personalize your bike to better fit your body & help you ride more safely and efficiently. What's just as important as fitting your bike to your body, is getting your body ready for the trail.


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20 minutes


Now that you have the gear, the body, the basics of safety and navigation - Rebecca puts it all together and takes us on an all-day 8 hour ride across some incredible terrain. Follow along step-by-step as she explains the essentials from the field.


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20 minutes

Practical - All Day Ride

Now that you have the gear, the body, the basics of safety and navigation - Rebecca puts it all together and takes us on an all-day 8 hour ride across some incredible terrain.


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20 minutes

Practical - The Overnight Adventure

Now that you've been schooled in the fundamentals of gear, planning, fitness, navigation and some all-day rides under belt youre ready to go overnight! Rebecca goes over how to pack, where your sleeping pad and tent go, and how bike handling changes when you have a loaded steed.


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2 minutes


From gear and fitness to navigation and how to travel lightly and responsibly through remote areas you can now apply all that you have learned to the practice of traveling on a loaded touring bike. There is a whole new world of adventure waiting for you!


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30 minutes

Bonus: Legends From the Field

Rebecca tells us her best stories with some supporting photos and video.

Meet your Instructor


I’ve spent over 30 years chasing “firsts” – podiums, PRs, and championship titles, yes, but also breaking ground with never-before-imagined adventures, destinations and projects that have challenged and shaped me personally and professionally. It’s this continual engagement with “what’s next” that has fueled my curiosity, satisfied my soul, fed my desire for growth, connection and change and grounded me in the belief that operating out of the comfort zone is the only way for us to evolve as humans, contribute to the greater good and enjoy the richness life can offer. I’ve had the good fortune to gain so much from so many, and part of the fun has been sharing the most enduring lessons I’ve learned along the way. Some I’ve broken down into equations: give = get, risk = reward, blood flow = brain flow, dogs = teachers (I’m serious!). Some have informed my core principles: exploration, pushing boundaries, making a difference, and sharing experiences. What about you? Is this your year to tick a bucket list item, expand your horizons, explore someplace new, build on past success? I want to cheer you on, and invite you to #JoinTheRusch! Check out the updated website for all things Rebecca (we’ve got new events and surprises for 2020), subscribe to our newsletter, host or attend a film screening, come ride with us--and above all, Be Good.