Adventure Photography

If you are ready to move beyond taking pictures to actually developing a visual story that connects then this is the class you've been waiting for.

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Elements of Story

We see intimate photos from Cory's early life. An early call to adventure and the beginning of his journey into professional storytelling. He describes how he refined his craft into work with purpose and emotional connection.


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Moving Beyond Conflict

Cory moves us beyond conflict and into setting. Through landscape and culture he shows us how to give the story more texture and resonance. In this lesson we hear his approach to gear, stories from early expeditions and how he was forced to to evolve and unlock his craft by working with experienced photo editors.


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Shooting With Purpose

We learn the parts of the narrative arc with video and photo examples from Cory’s work. Discover character, conflict, plot, setting, mystery and how to create attention, ask questions of yourself and the audience with your photos. Learn how to create your shot list.


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Elements in Practice

Cory's walks through his first ever National Geographic published story. Showing us some photos that were never published. The art of the opening shot, working your shot list, how to find the most interesting scenes to find the magic.


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Show Me the Mystery

Using people's innate curiosity to move them deeper into the story and create mystery. Cory walks through dozens of images and how he produced them. How to find the details to create the sense of being there.


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Shooting Techniques

Images from Everest, Antarctica and Myanmar serve as case studies for lens work, perspective, scale, how to work through the discomfort and be a fly on the wall. What does cold look like? What does hot look like? How to show and not tell.


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Gear. What's in My Bag?

Take a tour through Cory's gear bag. He goes over his go-to gear including prime lenses, zoom lenses, lighting, support, bags, scrims and more. The tools he uses to shape light into a studio-like effect in the field.


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Shoot Through the Storm

"Never ever ever stop when the going gets tough. In fact, double down at those moments." Cory uses his work to demonstrate when he has employed this principle to create some of his most iconic work. Includes technical explanation on how images were created.


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What Are the Cogs of the Story?

The "cogs" are the essential components and themes of your story. They move and grip one another to move a story along. Cory shows us how these work to roadmap the shot list and organize the major themes as "teeth" that tie into one another.


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Case Study: Making The Line

Exclusive step by step voice over of The Line. Cory walks us through the making of ROAM's seven-part series from Mount Everest starring Cory. It is a journey about overcoming physical, mental and emotional obstacles to climb a new route on the world's highest mountain.


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Case Study: Yellowstone

Cory looks at the confluence and conflict of people and predators in Yellowstone. He identifies the "cogs" in this story and uses this National Geographic assignment as a case study that can help you apply the same process to create a story that is emotionally engaging, asks the right questions, and creates discussion in the audience's thought.


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Case Study: Franz Joseph Land

Cory brings all the concepts of the class together in this deep case study about establishing a baseline for conservation measurement for humanity. Cory establishes the look and feel to demonstrate what an intact ecosystem looks like. He reviews the "cogs" he used to create this National Geographic feature.

Meet your Instructor

Cory Richards is truly one of the great adventure storytellers alive today. His compassion and sense of purpose underly his incredible ability to communicate the human experience.

The omens for Cory Richards becoming a world-class photographer did not look good. He dropped out of school as a teenager and was for a time homeless. But at the age of 18, he picked up his mother’s Ricoh point-and-shoot camera, and discovered his passion. Today, he is one of the most sought-after adventure and mountaineering photographers, with a string of awards under his belt, including the 2012 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. For the November 2017 issue of National Geographic, he traveled the world in search of the happiest people on earth. As a climber, much of Cory’s work has been the product of expeditions to the greater reaches of the earth, and he has carved a niche as one of the leading adventure and expedition photographers. His camera has taken him to wild and remote corners, from Antarctica’s unclimbed peaks to the Himalayas, where he made the first winter ascent of 8,000-meter Gasherbrum II, nearly dying in an avalanche.