Solo Travel

with Emily Hart

Emily Hart

Emily will share her experience and understanding that courage can easily be developed, leading to the great rewards of Solo Travel.

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Emily introduces herself and this wonderful class on solo travel.


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Fear of the unknown is often what holds us back. It’s the thing that keeps us stagnant. As a single woman on the road, Emily has not been fearless. Rather, she has worked to understand where her fears are coming from, and how to move through them -- not necessarily get over them. In this lesson, Emily will share how she has accomplished her goals and continued on despite fear.


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Our mind travels everywhere with us -- so we have to be intentional about the thoughts we allow in it. In this lesson, Emily will guide you through some of the mindset exercises that have provided clarity and motivation in her life.


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Planning for a solo trip can seem daunting. There is no one else to pick up the slack, and the options can seem overwhelming. Emily will teach you what she has learned through her experiences planning and budgeting for over one hundred solo trips.


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When you’re just starting out, not having the “right” gear can be a huge roadblock. In this lesson, Emily will explain that this is often a misplaced concern. That you really may not need as much as you think you do.


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Safety in solo travel is a real concern. There are real and perceived dangers that you have to come to terms with in order to enjoy your time alone. In this lesson, Emily will share how she has personally used her intuition, situational awareness, and physical safety measures to minimize risk and build confidence solo.


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Goal Planning

A big part of travel for Emily has been in an effort to reach a big goal. The process of documentation and celebration has added another layer of purpose to her life. In this lesson, she will explain how setting goals might be beneficial to your motivation, while also leaving room to shift your goals along the way.


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Documenting/Social Media

A great way to feel connected to others during solo travel is the process of documenting and sharing on social media. Emily has spent a lot of time documenting her travels, and learned a lot about how to be a responsible visitor in the process. In this lesson, Emily will explain some of the things you can do when visiting a new place to be a good steward -- the things that a beginner may not know that they don’t know.


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Taking Photos Solo

"If you’re alone, who is taking your photos?" This is the question Emily is asked most often. In this lesson, Emily will explain how she is able to use her phone to capture interesting photos of herself when she is by herself.


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Solo travel is a great opportunity for mindfulness practices. In this lesson, Emily will explain how she uses mindfulness practices to get the most out of her solo adventures.


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Trust the Process

Solo travel can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. You may experience loneliness, disappointment, and a whole lot of the unexpected. Things often won’t go as planned, and it is important to be able to pivot. In this lesson, Emily will use her own experience to explain how she has been able to use those unexpected experiences constructively to get to know herself more and trust the process throughout.

Meet your Instructor

Emily Hart, better known to the internet as Emilyventures, is a teacher, solo traveler, yogi, painter, and writer based in Boulder, Colorado. She has spent the last 11 years teaching middle school math, and the last 5 traveling all over the country to visit National Parks.

Emily didn’t grow up outdoorsy, or do much solo travel at all until she was 29 years old. Burnt out from teaching, and struggling with anxiety and fear, she decided to make a change. Inspired by her recently passed Uncle (also a math teacher) she set out on a first fateful solo road trip -- to the Grand Canyon. Since then she has traveled to 52 out of the 62 major US National Parks, driven solo across all parts of the country many times, lived in a van in Alaska, hiked 14ers, kayaked in the Atlantic and Pacific, and spent countless nights sleeping under the stars and in the back of her SUV. All solo. Emily believes we are all many things -- and that there is no one right way to be “adventurous”. She is proof that you don’t need to be a professional, or have fancy gear or training to accomplish a big goal. She is passionate about inspiring others to follow their passions -- not by getting over their fears -- but by learning and trusting themselves enough to do it anyway. When she isn’t traveling or teaching she can be found browsing in independent bookstores, drinking wine on a patio, or writing long Instagram captions.