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19-year-old climber Margo Hayes climbing La Rambla in Spain.

At 19 years old, climber Margo Hayes has already made history. On February 26, she brought her laser-like focus to climb La Rambla, a legendary route in Spain with a difficulty rating of 5.15a, meaning it is among the most challenging sport climbs in the world. No woman had ever climbed 5.15 before. Margo went on to achieve another 5.15a route, Biographie, also known as Realization, in France. Margo’s ascent of 5.15a opened the door for more women to push the limits, as shown in the Reel Rock tour film “Break on Through,” playing now. In September, 21-year-old Anak Verhoeven made the first ascent of Sweet Neuf, a 5.15a, in France. And in October, 31-year-old Angy Eiter completed La Planta de Shiva, the first 5.15b climbed by a woman, in Spain. Who will be next to raise the bar? We can’t wait to see!?

>> Footage courtesy ReelRock SenderFilms

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