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Text by Sasha DiGiulian

Photography by Greg Mionske

I am constantly traveling. Over the last year I’ve gone to Madagascar (to make a first female ascent of a big wall), Indonesia (deep-water soloing and sea kayaking), D.C. (advocating for public lands), and the red carpet in Manhattan (to support the Women’s Sports Foundation, of which I’m on the board). After living in New York City for four years to study at Columbia, I’ve now put down roots in Boulder, Colorado—but I’m pretty sure my friends have spent more nights in my place than I have so far! I have definitely picked up a few ways to make any travel a little more comfortable—all in your carry-on. Here are some travel gear items I always bring with me to keep focused, get where I need to be, and stay in good shape to climb.

ROAM: 5 Things I Love by Sasha DiGiulian

Cool Kicks:
When traveling, you are confined by space in what you’re bringing and what you’re leaving behind. I find traveling with a stylish pair of kicks is an easy way to keep some sort of edginess in my outfit, but also a way to easily mix it up. I normally travel with kicks, like sneakers by Adidas—I really like the Stan Smith line (starting at $60). He has lots of different monochromatic designs, that are easy to pair with different outfits. What I like about these kicks in particular is they are super comfortable. So my feet don’t hurt and they’re easy to take on and off when you’re going through TSA.

ROAM: 5 Things I Love by Sasha DiGiulian

Passion Planner: While I use my laptop to stay on top of emails and writing more formal pieces, I like the physical transfer of pen-to-paper. The Passion Planner (starting at $15) is awesome because there is a section with the broad view of the month, as well as a section that breaks down the week day-to-day with built in hours. Then at the end, there’s space to brainstorm ideas and inspiration. I write a lot—personally and freelance—and journaling helps ground me. Writing is a meditative act for me and this type of planner accounts for reflection with built in space to reflect.


ROAM: 5 Things I Love by Sasha DiGiulian
ROAM: 5 Things I Love by Sasha DiGiulian


Foam Roller: Having a foam roller is like having a mini, portable physical therapist. I use my ProTec foam roller (starting at $20) every night, mainly to relax my shoulders and neck and release tension. Especially after workouts or long flights, having a routine like this enables me to recover faster and have less aches.

ROAM: 5 Things I Love by Sasha DiGiulian

Climbing Shoes: Most trips, I’m going climbing outside. Though I also do events, appearances, and public speaking. Thankfully, there is generally a climbing gym nearby. I bring my La Sportiva Solutions ($180) along with me on whichever trip I am going for so that I’m prepared to climb.

ROAM: 5 Things I Love by Sasha DiGiulian

Pov Camera:
 I always bring my GoPro ($300) when I travel. My GoPro is this really easy device that is literally turn on, turn off, one button, and it just captures my adventure. Whether it’s an interesting climbing destination or some other adventure that I’m doing, I think that an important aspect of this day and age is storytelling and sharing. The GoPro makes that very easy to do.

The accessories that I bring with my GoPro are typically the jaw mount clamp, which is really easy to fasten anywhere, whether it’s on a climb, onto a wall, or onto a counter. And I will also bring the sticky mount clip, which comes with a casing that I can put onto my helmet, or put onto the windshield of my car. It just creates this easily mountable scenario for my GoPro to capture whatever it is that I want it to capture.

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