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Surfing is better with a proper wax. Photo by Meg Haywood Sullivan

Writer and expert Meg Haywood Sullivan

THE EXPERT: Meg Haywood Sullivan

A bit about me: My entire life I have been a lover of our environment. My folks raised me to appreciate the gifts that mother nature gave me, while being the best steward of the planet that I can possibly be. I’m a surfer, snowboarder, and activist, yet I realize that the outdoor spaces I adore are running out of time. The clock is ticking, and I’m fed up just like the rest of you.

As a photographer and environmentalist, I am constantly working on projects that inspire the public to care about the planet, while activating a whole new generation of environmentalists, stewards, and voters. On the non-profit side, I am an ambassador for the Surfrider Foundation, Conservation International, and Protect Our Winters.

The biggest loves in my life: surfing, snowboarding, poetry, nature!

THE GOAL: Those perfect sticky bumps to increase traction on your surfboard

1. Heat up wax

Warm up the wax in the sun. While you wait, why don’t you pick up some trash on the beach, eh?

2. Scrape off old wax

After the wax has heated up, use an old credit card (or in my case my ski pass) to scrape off the old wax. Pile up the scrapings to be thrown out. Once the majority is scraped off, pile some warm sand on your board and use it to wipe off the remaining residue. It really works.

3. Base coat one direction

Take your base coat / tropical wax (the hard stuff) and apply it uniformly in one direction covering the desired area. Toes on the nose? Go alllll the way up. Shortboard? The zone where your feet will be.

4. Top coat

In the opposite direction, apply the top coat of wax in firm strokes. Pick the wax based on the current temp of the ocean. See temp guide below!

My fav: Kassia Cool Wax. It smells like palo santo.

COLD 60°F or less

COOL 58-68°F

WARM 65°F or more


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