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Throw a pie in the face of the world’s best surfer.

That’s just what a bunch of kids did at last week’s 15th annual Menehune Mayhem on Maui, Hawaii. Maui native and world-class big-wave surfer (also a ROAM Founding Contributor) Ian Walsh started the surf comp so 450 teens and tweens could learn about surfing, environmental stewardship, and their own cultural heritage. This year the two-day event involved education and amusement … examining the impacts of plastics in the ocean, a dunk tank, and pitching cream pies into good ol’ Ian’s face.

Mehehune Mayhem 2018!!

Menehune Mayhem 2018! Video: Take Shelter Productions

Posted by Ian Walsh on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

“We don’t just say to them, ‘Don’t use single-use plastics,’” notes Ian. “We give them reusable water bottles, show them why we use them, and how to take care of the beach. These kids are the future stewards of our oceans and planet.”

>> ROAM Moment footage by Take Shelter Productions

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