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Mexi Log Fest

Did you know the first surfboards were carved from a single tree and reached up to 18 feet long? See how today’s longboarders celebrate surfing’s fun-loving, soulful spirit at the annual Mexi Log Fest in La Saladita, Mexico. Here the festival’s founder, Israel Preciado, tells us a bit more.

How long have you been longboard surfing?

I have been surfing for about 28 years

Why do you love it?
I love it because it makes me feel alive, happy, energize, positive. When you are riding a wave, you are so present, living the moment. There is not yesterday or tomorrow there is only NOW.

Tell us about your favorite longboard.

I’ve recently been liking my 9’6″ James Parry model by Bingsurfboards. This board works really well in both slow waves and faster stepper waves. It noserides really well and turns super easy, square tail with 50/50 thinned out rails and the perfect amount of concave in the nose for fast noserides!

What is so special about La Saladita?
The people of La saladita are some of the nicest people you will meet. La Saladita is one of the longest waves in Mexico, a very easy wave. This wave gives you alot of time to make your surfing very stylish and think your next maneuver due its length, it’s basically one of the best waves in Mexico and probably in the world for logging.

How many years has the Mexi Log Fest been going on?
This was our 3rd edition of the MXLF. In 2018, it will be from April 29 to May 6.

Why did you start it?
I started because I love surfing and more specifically I’m passionate about stylish longboarding/ logging. I also started because growing up in Mexico, I never saw the Mexican Surfing Federation giving longboarding any priority or chance to grow.

I also wanted to create this event Mexicans and Latino Americans can have the chance to surf and share waves with some of the best longboarders in the world, this way the level of longboarding will be higher.

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