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Our friends at MobilityWOD literally wrote the book on mobility. Becoming a Supple Leopard is the bible for achieving an ongoing “ready state”–just like a supple leopard. It’s known to be stashed in the carry-on of some of the most elite athletes we know—Jimmy Chin, Sasha DiGiulian, Travis Rice, and Ian Walsh, to name a few.

Now they have created a replacement for the archaic foam roller. The Supernova 2.0 is roughly the same size and hardness of a softball. However, this recovery ball has a proprietary grip pattern designed to dig into those hard to reach places, helping to get all those layers of muscle, tissue, and ligaments moving and grooving. Oh, and did we mention that it travels well?

Recommended by ROAM founding contributors Kelly Starett, Jimmy Chin, and Sasha DiGiulian

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