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A beautiful 17′ x 22′ unframed fine print.. 2019 ROAM Awards Winner in the Lessons category for Photography is Roie Galitz with this amazing image.

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“My life project is Polar Bears in their environment, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that Polar Bears are very bright and curious,” says Roie Galitz. “That’s exactly what happened here. As I was photographing this big male for days, he was very curious about what I was doing there and mostly about the camera gear I’m using… suddenly he turned around and started to walk directly at us, we had no time and immediately drove our snowmobile out of his path, he approached the cameras and after examination from the photographer’s side and looking through the viewfinder – he carried on his path and climbed the glacier. I think he wanted to learn what it’s like to be a photographer.”

Roie Galitz (born 1980) is an award-winning, NYC based, wildlife photographer and entrepreneur. For over a decade, he has been exploring and documenting our planet’s wildlife and nature, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. His intimate and innovative work (BBC, Nat Geo) gets great exposure worldwide, millions of views and frequent appearances in the media. It was presented in local and international exhibitions, featured in exclusive magazines and honored with over 70 international awards, including the prestigious Picture of the Year for reportage of Science and Natural History.

With equal passion and commitment, Roie is acting as a Greenpeace ambassador and engaging in conservation work around the globe.  His video and still photography is a strong testimony to the struggle of the majestic animals he meets throughout his expedition, under the threats of climate change . To help protect them, he shares their stories in fascinating talks. He is recognized for his talks at the United Nations HQ, the NYC Climate Week and TEDx talks in Helsinki University, Glasgow and Wexford alongside global conventions everywhere.