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A beautiful 17′ x 22′ unframed fine print.. 2019 ROAM Awards Winner in the Discovery category for Photography is Teo Chin Leong with this amazing image.

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“Fishing Nets in the Wind” was taken in a county in southern China, people harvest seaweed or make a living as fishermen. This is a photo showing fishing nets flying in the wind, and a fisherman rowing upstream in a river. I was waiting for the wind to blow up the fishing nets. It was a long wait because I wanted the nets to be balanced in form and composition. I finally caught a shot where the nets look good, and the fisherman is perfectly positioned for a nice composition.

Teo Chin Leong is a Singapore-based amateur photographer. He pursued his university education in New York and California, and spent a part of his working life resident in Jakarta, Shanghai and Dammam (Saudi Arabia). These 7 years he spent away from Singapore gave him a global perspective and the globetrotting desire to see the world.

His current profession as an aviation consultant continued to provide travel opportunities. Over the past years, his work had brought him to cities as diverse as Rio de Janeiro, Krasnodar, Sochi, Vladivostok, Marseille, Delhi, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Las Vegas, and Chicago. These travels accord him wonderful opportunities for travel photography.

Chin Leong participated in his first photography competition in June 2013 and won first prize. Since then, he has won top prizes and has been conferred honours in more than 20 other international photography competitions. In November 2014, his work was showcased in the Guardian Newspaper in the UK. Chin Leong is interested in all photography genres, including street, travel, landscape, and nature photography.

Chin Leong’s photography philosophy is to capture “all things beautiful God created” and to continue to grow and evolve his photographic sense and acumen.