#ROAM247 Contest Rules

Roam Media Supplemental Terms for Social Content


By entering the competition using the hashtag #roam247 you hereby accept these competition rules.

Entries must be submitted no later than the deadline of listed on the competition URL, https://roam.media/enter-the-roam247-contest/

The competition is open to EVERYONE, 18 years and older, professional and amateur adventurers alike.

1. Sharing Social Content. Roam Media will have the right, but Roam Media has no obligation, to make your Social Content available via the Distribution Channels. Roam Media will credit you as the creator of such Social Content using the information you provided on the digital property on which you originally posted the applicable Social Content. If Roam Media elects to use your Social Content, other users may be given the opportunity to follow you through third-party digital properties.

2. Ownership of Your Social Content. Roam Media does not claim ownership of your Social Content. However, when you agree that we may use your Social Content via our Distribution Channels, you represent and warrant: (a) that you own and/or have a right to license your Social Content to us for use in accordance with these terms; (b) that your Social Content is not libelous or defamatory; (c) that our authorized use of your Social Content in accordance with these terms will not violate or infringe the rights of any third party. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Roam Media from and against any claim arising out of or resulting from an actual or alleged breach of these Terms, including the foregoing representation and warranty.

3. License to Your Social Content. You grant Roam Media a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, license to edit, publish, distribute, use and promote your Social Content on Roam Media’s Distribution Channels, including, but not limited to, our website, newsletter, our social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).

4. Entries will be reviewed and pre-screened by a qualified team of screeners. Screened entries will then be reviewed by the judge, who will choose the winners. The decisions of the judge are final. The judges are looking for these qualities: Skill and creativity in capturing content, ability to tell an engaging story, originality, and a genuine curiosity and respect for the world.

5. The full name of each entrant whose work is selected as a winner will be published online.

6. The winner will be notified by direct message on Instagram. Any future work with ROAM will be discussed and confirmed prior to assignment and under separate terms and conditions.

7. You confirm that each person depicted in the photograph has granted permission to be portrayed as shown. Any costumes, props or other materials used must be rented or borrowed with the permission of the owner, and all other relevant permissions must have been obtained.

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