Moments / Skiing over a crevasse on Mt.Everest

ROAM Moment – “Skiing the Everest Rail Slide! Back in 2011, when I was working for Mountain Trip as a climbing guide on Everest, my fellow guide Neal Beidleman and I climbed up the Lhotse Face to try and ski it. After our acclimatization day at and above Camp III, we sent our client down with the Sherpa crew and traversed out onto the face for one of the best ski descents of our lives. After almost 2000’ of descent we rappelled across the huge bergschrund at the bottom of the face and came across the first of many dozens of ladders that cover crevasses on the Khumbu Glacier, providing safer passage. I looked at this one and it just made sense to ski it. Was it the first Everest Rail Slide? I’m not sure but it was hilarious.”

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