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Men’s Santa Cruz Bike Bronson S/ Carbon C and Women’s Juliana Roubion S/ Carbon C

Santa Cruz and its sister brand, Juliana Bikes, make some of the most well crafted carbon fiber bikes on the market. These two are considered “enduro” bikes. Enduro bikes are designed to excel on the downhill but are ergonomically designed to also succeed while going uphill.

G-FORM Elite Knee Guard

RPT is a patented material utilized by G-Form in its pads. The material is a soft padding that remains supple while riding but instantly hardens upon impact. The G-Form Elite Knee Guards sits close to the skin without getting in the way of performance.

POC Tectal Race Spin

Protecting your head in high-paced action sports is paramount. These days, however, it’s not just enough to wear a helmet. New technologies have been installed into helmets to help dissipate rotational forces that decrease your risk of CTE if you are involved in a high speed crash. POC released their technology called Spin, which contains a separate membrane in the inner shell that rotates separately from the outer shell should your head take a hit.

Giro Switchblade MIPS

The Giro Switchblade offers the protection of a full face helmet with a front face protector that can easily be detached. Giro utilizes a licensed technology called Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) which adds another degree of safety without adding bulk.

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Take a cruise in a smooth riding enduro bike from Santa Cruz or it’s sister company, Juliana. Both bikes are extremely well-built and can handle the toughest mountainous terrain. They are also lightweight as they are made from carbon, making them an easy haul up to the top.

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