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MobilityWOD Gemini

The Gemini from MobilityWOD is designed to target those hard to reach muscles located along the spine. This unique piece of mobility equipment has been scientifically engineered to help you release those trigger points that a traditional foam roller can't reach. Small enough to put in your suitcase, you will never think twice about packing this muscle massager on your next vacation.

Theragun G3PRO

Owning the G3PRO is the next best thing to having your own personal sports massage therapist. The G3PRO is the best percussion therapy device on the market to date with industrial grade standards designed for the prosumer. The basic idea behind percussion therapy is to break up adhesions in soft tissues and muscles in order to relieve soreness and accelerate the recovery process caused by a hard day of training or a tough day in the outdoors.

Kalahari Biltong

A South African pantry staple has come to the states. Kalahari Biltong has 32 grams of protein and 0 grams of sugar per bag. This makes for a perfect nutrient dense snack that you can bring with you anywhere that adventure leads you. Not to be confused with jerky, Biltong is thinly sliced steak that is usually marinated in spices and vinegar and hung to dry. You will soon be thanking us for introducing you to your new favorite and highly addictive protein-filled snack.

Momentous – Absolute Zero 100% Plant

Momentous was founded in 2016 with a simple goal: to create the best protein supplement on the market. They did this by consulting with the best dietitians and trainers from various athletic backgrounds and the result was a superior protein powder that not only tasted great, but also helped athletes train harder and recover faster. In 2018, Momentous debuted their vegan protein supplement with pro climber Alex Honnold to complement their already existing line of whey based proteins.
Recommended by ROAM founding contributor: Jimmy Chin, and Ian Walsh

Pso-Rite – Psoas Release Tool & Personal Massager

Of all the muscles in the body, the Psoas tends to get the tightest. Coincidentally, reaching it to stretch and release can be a difficult endeavor. The Pso-Rite was developed specifically to target and relieve the Psoas, but works equally well at reaching other hard to reach muscles and muscle fibers.
Recommended by ROAM founding contributor: Chris Burkard

Four Sigmatic Elixirs

While Four Sigmatics products have been on our radar for awhile now, the benefits of mushroom based products have not become mainstream yet… Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps are the four main mushrooms utilized in all of Four Sigmatics products. The mushrooms Four Sigmatic utilizes are highly concentrated with adaptogens, which help reduce adrenal fatigue and return the body back to a state of homeostasis. Each specific mushroom has different adaptogenic qualities that help you be your best self, from increasing energy, to calming your nerves when your adrenals surge.
Recommended by ROAM founding contributor: Chris Burkard

The Wave Tool

Soft tissue release has often been considered an advanced sports massage technique. Companies like Wave seek to change that by providing a relatively inexpensive product which they pair with instructional online guides for proper usage. Soft tissue release has been shown to increase healing time for muscle ligaments and the fascia by increasing blood flow to the area, helping you to get back to your favorite activities faster.
Recommended by ROAM founding contributor: Sasha DiGiulian

EiR NYC Surf Mud

Slather up with this reef safe and clean ingredient face sunscreen. The only ingredients in this Surf Mud are: zinc oxide, beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, cocoa powder, vitamin E, and tea tree essential oil. Only a dime sized amount is needed to protect your face for hours from the harmful sun rays. Did we mention that it smells like mint chocolate?

Milk and Honey Sore Muscle Soak No 18

After a long day of strenuous activities, take a nice, long, relaxing soak in this epsom salt bath with soothing notes of eucalyptus, arnica, rosemary, and sweet marjoram oil infused into the salt. Recovery is actually the most important part of building muscle strength and epsom salts are beneficial in accelerating your body’s recovery.

Suga Yoga Mat

Captain Liz Clark, who has been on a sailing journey for the past 12 years, approves of this yoga mat made from recycled wetsuits. Suga Yoga Mats are made in the USA and are all one of a kind. Suga has so far collected over 21,000 old and used wetsuits and have diverted 32 tons of neoprene from landfills.

“The fact that Suga mats are upcycled from old wetsuits that would otherwise end up in a landfill was the initial draw for me. But when I practiced on a Suga mat, I was hooked—no other mat I’ve ever tried has such firm cushion, solid grip, and sturdy feeling under my feet! Plus, the faint smell of neoprene triggers memories of surf! ” – Liz Clark

Backcountry x Hydro Flask Medallion Logo Water Bottle – 32 oz

The one liter Nalgene used to be the outdoorsmans water bottle of choice, but plastics are continuously getting less popular and with better options available. Take this double walled, vacuum sealed water bottle from Hydroflask as the better option to plastic. This bottle is designed to keep your drinks cool or hot.

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