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Spring Gear Guide Hike + Camp

Nemo Banshee – Ultralight Transforming Quilt

The Nemo Banshee transforms from a sleeping bag into a quilt and is rated down to 20 degrees. Weighing a total 1lb 11oz, the Ultralight Transforming Quilt makes for the perfect lightweight, three season option for sleeping in the backcountry and takes up significantly less pack space then your normal sleeping bag.

Granite Gear Blaze 60

Granite Gear is known for creating sturdy backpacks. The new Blaze 60 weighs in at 3 pounds and is ultralight and ultra durable thanks to its 100D Robic ROBIC Nylon. Its high use areas are reinforced with an innovative nylon designed to increase strength in areas of high stress.

MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove

The Pocket Rocket from MSR has truly stood the test of time as it has been used as a lightweight compact stove and as a backup stove for many outdoor enthusiasts. MSR has redesigned the pocket rocket and built a push-start igniter into it.

Grayl Ultralight Purifier

When it comes to water purification, iodine tablets and boiling water will certainly get the job done, but what if you need a quick, simple alternative? Grayl Ultralight Purifier is at the top of our list. Their one press filtration concept allows you to purify water anywhere in the world in a compact and easy to use system.

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Carbon 2 Tent

The theme for 2019 is pack weight and durability and Big Agnes came up huge with a new shelter. This double walled tent uses an ultralight material called Dyneema to keep weight to an all time low: 1 pound, 7 ounces to be exact. The Dyneema fiber based fabric is tear resistant and fully waterproof.

Thermarest – Uberlite

This year Thermarest expanded their famous line of lightweight pads by adding on the Uberlite. Weighing in at 8.8 ounces, the Uberlite was designed to appeal towards alpinists and thru hikers who can’t afford to take the extra weight. The Uberlite gives fast and light a whole new meaning!

Klymit Moon Dog Bed

The ROAM team is a big fan of heading into the outdoors with dogs. Klymit has created an inflatable camp mattress for your pup. The Moon Dog Bed features Klymit’s infamous body mapping technology to keep your dog warm on the ground and also comes with a fleece cover to provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

Rumpl The Original Puffy Print Throw Blanket

If you are looking for something slightly less intense than a lightweight hi-tech quilt, then we have you covered. This lightweight and packable throw blanket is the perfect way to cozy up in your tent or sitting by the fire. Proceeds from each blanket purchased from Rumpl’s National Parks series helps contribute to the National Park Foundation.

Half Face Blades – SHPOS

Half Face Blades is veteran owned manufacturer of knives of all shapes and sizes. The SHPOS is a handmade blade that is designed to be small and concealable as to not get in your way on your adventures. Buyers beware that each knife is custom made with a long waiting list...

MSR Dromedary Bags

MSR Dromedary Bags are a simple product that makes water portage and collection a much more efficient process in the backcountry. Named after the Arabian camel, the Dromedary bags come in a variety of volumes, 4L, 6L,10L, so you can tailor the size to your trip’s needs.


When it comes to survival, there is nothing more important than access to clean drinking water. The Lifestraw features a compact and lightweight award winning design, making it the perfect back up option to store in your car, your survival kit, or to have nearby just in case of an emergency.

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From hiking essentials to sleeping bags and camping gadgets, we got you covered, whether for an afternoon hike or a long weekend camping trip.

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