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Suga Yoga Mat ($79.00)

Captain Liz Clark, who has been on a sailing journey for the past 12 years, approves of this yoga mat made from recycled wetsuits. Suga Yoga Mats are made in the USA and are all one of a kind. Suga has so far collected over 21,000 old and used wetsuits and have diverted 32 tons of neoprene from landfills.

“The fact that Suga mats are upcycled from old wetsuits that would otherwise end up in a landfill was the initial draw for me. But when I practiced on a Suga mat, I was hooked—no other mat I’ve ever tried has such firm cushion, solid grip, and sturdy feeling under my feet! Plus, the faint smell of neoprene triggers memories of surf! ” – Liz Clark

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