Andy Patrick

Andy brings ideas to fruition with his keen sense of the big picture and his energy that gets the whole team fired up. His work leverages 20+ years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures with a common thread of visual storytelling, design, and technology. Andy works with people he admires and respects on compelling projects with the intent of instigating positive change. 

Six Questions with Andy:

What hobbies are you into? When did you first get into them? Photography since I was a kid, rock balancing for the past fifteen years or so, gardening since I can remember.

List 3 traits friends would use to describe you.  Loyal, passionate, generous, infectious… I sound like a sick dog!

Favorite music genre or artists? West African, Chicago Blues, and a good ol’ Blue Note vinyl – music just makes me smile and move.

Cats or dogs? Dogs – they are loyal, infectious and generous… and don’t eat birds.

What is the most “Boulder” thing about you?  A green Subaru Outback… apparently is is standard operating equipment.

What is your favorite part about working for ROAM? Love working with the team here towards something important and impactful.