Christopher Jerard

Christopher sets vision and tone that is seen and felt across all facets of the company. His extensive industry experience and expansive knowledge of outdoor adventure has shaped what ROAM has evolved to be. When he is not busy running the day to day operations, Christopher is thinking of ways in which we can inspire people to fill their passions and go after what they want. 

Six Questions with Christopher:

What hobbies are you into? When did you first get into them? Skiing since I was around 3 years old. Snowboarding, surfing and climbing, poorly in all cases, since my teenage years. Triathlons, road and mountain biking, trail running since college to stay active and fit. Photography, writing/poetry, fiction and films (all kinds – documentaries to action) as creative inspiration and stress relief. And I hate to admit it, but lots of business and productivity books!

Which Founding Member do you relate to most? Why? Tough one for me. I love them all. They are all heroes of mine. Travis and Jimmy have been such incredible friends over the years and big inspiration in terms of what it means to be “pro”, their deep humility and approach to their craft, creativity, and training. They are both so true to their word. The time I’ve spent with Mike Horn has been massively influential and inspirational as far as what is possible with single-minded purpose and persistence. I always compare anything hard to the things Mike has accomplished, physical or otherwise, and then just feel like a total wimp. Helps keep me moving through it. All of them are so incredible it’s hard to even “relate” as much as just be inspired. But when I think about it, Juliet Starrett is the Founding Member who I relate to the most. The way she and Kelly treat other people, their employees, their family, is a model I hold close. She is a CEO and a total badass who never complains, no matter what challenge she is facing (and she has faced some big ones) and continues onward with humility, love and generosity. I want to be her when I grow up. 

What is the most “Boulder” thing about you? I ride my bike to work, wear mostly active outdoor clothing (TNF and Patagonia), and spend a lot of time in Rapha. All Boulder. 

What does adventure mean to you? Finding the intersection of your curiosity, passion and comfort and then going beyond.

What is your favorite part about working for ROAM? The people. The Founding Members, the contributors, the staff and the fans. 

What is one question you wish I asked? And what would your answer be? What has been the most helpful advice you’ve had this year? “You’ll get through it. Keep going. You’ll be better for it.” 

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