Santino Martirano

From concept to completion, Santino works to bring the drawing board to life. For him, it has always been about chasing genuine human interaction. It’s about the adventure, the people, and the culture. In the projects he produces, Santino hopes to share his passion for adventure while telling compelling stories through photo and video.

Six Questions with Santino:

What hobbies are you into? When did you first get into them? Photography (always?), got into rock climbing when I lived in Hawaii and started bouldering, skating (my whole life), surfing since Hawaii in 2015.

What does a typical weekend look like for you? Turning off the phone and heading into the natures to climb and camp.

Which Founding Member do you relate to most? Why?  Jimmy, he is the reason I took photography seriously. After May 2011 cover of Nat Geo I have been going ever since.

Favorite beverage besides h2o. EspressoEspressoEspressoEspressoEspressoEspresso. 

What is the most “Boulder” thing about you?  I’m a Rapha member…

What is your favorite part about working for ROAM? Brian’s bread.

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