Andy Best: Living In Long Shadows

Living in Long Shadows: SmugMug’s newest film celebrates life on the road with photographer and ROAM Founding Member Andy Best.

It is with tremendous joy and respect that we can bring you this film about ROAM Founding Member Andy Best and his beautiful family.

The film is a project of photography management and sales platform SmugMug – the newest in a series of amazing films they have created over the years. We congratulate the SmugMug team and appreciate their support of Andy and the developing partnership with ROAM.

The film follows the Best family—Andy, his wife, and his two children—as they trek in their kitted-out RV across the American Southwest, searching for sights few have seen, and fewer have captured on film.

A creative from birth, Best grew up with art in his blood; his grandmother was a successful oil painter, and he followed in her creative footsteps, sketching and drawing. His love for sharing emotion through visual mediums expanded into filmmaking and eventually photography, both of which led him to his outdoor adventure lifestyle.

Today, Best’s location-independent living is key to his success: He’s able to take work wherever it presents itself, and capture stunning images and footage along the way. He has partnered with National Geographic Adventure, ROAM, and other well-known adventure media outlets, all while maintaining a family and living a nomadic lifestyle few successfully claim as their own.

Having been out on the road for almost a decade now, Best continually seeks inspiration in our wild places and the wonderful people he meets along the way. 

“Creating experiences for my children, while having the unique opportunity to work from the road, allows me to be more present in my family’s lives and produce the best work possible,” says Best. “This is a chapter we’ll never forget! I hope you enjoy our story.”

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