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WanderWith Bespoke Adventure Travel

We've been working with the delightful Hannah Mathews, Founder & CEO of WanderWith, for over a year with the intent of bringing you wonderful bespoke adventure trips for various size groups, all levels of skills, and in the far corners of the world. We are excited to offer you this incredible benefit of Premium Membership. And if these don't fit your timeline or interest, stay tuned as we'll be adding new trips every month.

  • Root & Rise Wellness Retreat in the High Mountains
    $90 OFF an escape to the San Juan Mountains and learn to forage wild medicines and craft your own herbal remedies in the backcountry.
  • Epic St. Regis Wilderness Canoe Adventure
    $75 OFF as you spend five days in the most remote wilderness in New York, so protected that group sizes are limited to eight people.
  • Ultimate Self-Drive Utah Road Trip
    $75 OFF as it is time for that incredible trip for you, perhaps a friend, and the open spaces of Utah.
  • Adventurous Women's Escape at Mulberry Gap Adventure Basecamp
    $100 OFF to join AdventurUs Women for an all-inclusive multi-sport adventure retreat in the North Georgia mountains created by women for women.

Arrive Outdoors

Arrive Outdoors is an outdoor experience company with a mission to create a world where you can experience the outdoors sustainably. Rent premium outdoor gear with delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.

  • Arrive Outdoors Premium Gear Rental
    15% discount at Arrive Outdoors where you can rent premium outdoor gear with delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.

Gravity Haus

The Gravity Haus mission is to create a globally conscious community for the modern adventurer.

  • The Gravity Haus adventure community.
    20% off any membership an inclusive community for the modern adventurer.

Moosejaw Fashion, Fun, and Gear

Moosejaw prides themselves on offering the top brands in the industry including Arcteryx, The North Face, Black Diamond along with the Moosejaw Brand.

  • Great gear and fashion from wacky marketers!
    20% top brands in the industry for clothing, footwear, and gear.


Adventure hotels in Aspen, Snowmass and Ketchum steeped in history with an approachable spirit.

  • Adventure hotels in the middle of it all.
    15% discount to new and existing members to use whenever you'd like.

Gearo Outdoor Gear Rental

Gearo's Founder & CEO Justine Barone has been on a mission to simplify the outdoor gear discovery process, and in the process help support great retailers to get you the best gear for your next adventure.

  • A curated marketplace for outdoor gear.
    10% OFF all types of gear from bikes to kayaks and skis to longboards.
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