BOUNDLESS: Ep. 3 - presented by GORV!

Roam Originals


Presented by GORV!, in this episode we jumped into Latasha Dunston’s RV to chase the artistic side of exploration. Latasha is an artist, nature lover, and naturalist in search of something more sublime than an adrenaline rush.


Presented by GORV!, in this episode Rafa Ortiz is in Montana white water headed straight towards the eye of the storm, eyes widen and palms sweat on the steering wheel as the RV bustles along the open road. Amazing camera work!

Boundless: Ep. 1

In this episode presented by GORV!, Ryan Robinson takes us for a ride in the passenger seat of his RV. Off the grid, deep in the Utah Desert, Ryan and friends chill by the fire, tell stories, and of course, rig a one of a kind highline.

The Big One

Trading in the surfboard for a snowboard, Ian Walsh in “The Big One,” ROAM’s newest original. This world-class surfer joins badass snowboarders Nick Russell, Danny Davis, and Forrest Shearer to first, summit then shred down North America’s tallest peak, Denali.


Ben Thouard, award winning photographer, let his journey take him all the way to Tahiti, where he quickly made Teahupo’o’s famous wave his backyard and his favorite place to shoot.

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The Line

Alpinist and Nat Geo photographer Cory Richards prepares to tackle a new route on Everest. It dives deep into who Cory is and what led to him to setting this daring and dangerous goal for himself.

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Lines to Hawaii

Preparing for a ROAM ocean epic, pro snowboarder Travis Rice and pro big wave surfer Ian Walsh kick off their surfing and sailing adventure upon Falcor. The journey will carry the crew across 2,500 nautical miles from Tahiti to Hawaii along the chain of the Line Islands.

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Avani Nuna

Roam into the mountainous terrain of Greenland with ROAM Founding Member Jimmy Chin and ski-mountaineer Kit DesLauriers, as they scour the remote wilderness for the perfect lines.


Sometime Thereafter

How do we remember an experience? What do we glean from a journey? Personal growth is at the heart of adventure, but the lessons we learn and the memories we make differ between each individual.


The Coeur d’Alene River carves through the valleys of the Idaho Panhandle and is home to a thriving ecosystem of Westslope Cutthroat Trout. For anglers Cameron Hotchkiss, Patrick Lipsker, and Elliott Lamp, fly fishing in Idaho’s northern reaches affords seclusion, time to reflect on self and an opportunity to carry on a shared passion – fly fishing.

On the Edge

The goal of On The Edge: Lewis Pugh was to show the lengths to which this incredible man goes to bring the world’s attention to his biggest passion, our planet’s oceans. Lewis is the real deal, no show-boating, no stunts, he is ‘just’ a normal human being that pushes his body right to the edge by using the power of his mind.

Electric Greg

Record-breaking mountain endurance athlete, Greg Hill, has never shied away from a goal. Two years ago he set out to climb 100 peaks without burning any fossil fuels. But the question is: will it make a difference?

Out on a Limb

Kai’s story explores his unlikely alliance with Arc’teryx athlete, Craig DeMartino, from which the pair serve up a holy grail for adaptive rock climbers – a badass prosthetic foot, that won’t just level the playing field, but will dish up, if not superpowers, then a real sense of empowerment. Which is almost the same thing.

The Redstone Pack

What began as an impromptu leap into the world of dog sledding, Aaron Natoniewski’s methodical approach to the sport an

Bierstadt - Bierstadt

Join Bearcam as he tries, for the first time ever, the Bierstadt – Bierstadt Linkup – the most cutting-edge mountain triathlon this side of Mt. Evans! Drive to Mt. Evans. Hike to Bierstadt V10 and send it. Hike out, get on your bike. Ride up Mt. Evans Summit Road, hike the Sawtooth Ridge Traverse (3.5 miles) until the summit of Mt. Bierstadt 14,065′. Hike back.

The Legend of Rafael

After a devastating breakup, Rafael finds restoration on the open road, pedaling his way to emotional health from Mexico City to northern Colorado. He then starts a revolution to help the underprivileged members of his new neighborhood the best way he knows how—repairing their bicycles.

The River Surfer

There are a few moments in life that time completely stops – catching big air on skis, Outkast in concert, sending your first 5.11, and maybe your first kiss, depending on how things played out. These moments are universal; everyone feels them. And, at the top of the list, is catching the perfect wave.

Indo Dream Drift

3 weeks of not wearing shoes, 8,617 miles away from home, that’s how far this group of amazing women came to surf. Join the adventure as they surf their way across Indonesia all while volunteering their time and energy with Bye Bye Plastic Bags to combat plastic pollution.

Brighter Night

Follow along as Jordan Halland takes us to the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska, with elite local climbers Alan Gordon and Jamie Pierce for a magical experience of colorful ice climbing. Jordan and the camera crew light up the crystal clear glaciers with colorful LED lights for Alan and Jamie’s night climbs.


On any expedition, it’s probably a good idea to have your interpreter arrive in the first wave of team members. That would make tasks such as navigating the bus system, asking locals about grizzly bear dangers and buying bulk food items at the open air market slightly more efficient and less like a game of charades. But why would we want that?


King Kong Pillows

Direct from Travis: “I find with persistence and an open mind every ounce of years I am lucky enough to get a shot at this line! A myriad of variables had to come back to this beauty. It was a team effort and lines like that. It took some effort to get into the right mindset before this line. Active meditation and joy can be a savage combo! I was not going to stop until the line stopped me, haha.

Roam Awards

This is a recap of one of the most magical few days to hit Boulder in a long time. With a gentle snow in early December Roam hosted 850 people at the Boulder Theater with Travis Rice as our MC and the Winners and Judges present for quite a time of workshops, parties, and connecting with one another.

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The Trilogy

On July 12, 2018, Professional Climber and ROAM Founding Member, Sasha DiGiulian, set out to become the first woman and second person in history to complete “Rocky Mountain Trilogy;” a compilation of three of the hardest 5.14 big walls in the Canadian Rockies – the imposing climbs, on Castle Mountain, Mount Louis, and Mount Yamnuska.

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Montana Biking

“As mountain bikers, it is our nature to search out the next great stretch of trail. That’s exactly what motivated us to head up to Montana last summer,” says pro rider and filmmaker Joey Schusler. This incredible footage, captured by cable cam, shows Shawn Neer and Jubal Davis tapping into the thrill of fast, dusty singletrack riding just outside of Whitefish—an emerging hub of mountain biking activity.

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Epic Ridge in Japan

This never-ending spine line just keeps on giving. ROAM Founding Member Travis Rice finds his way through the “snowiest place on Earth,” the Japanese Alps. World renowned for their otherworldly features and deep snowpack, these mountains are worth the pilgrimage. Though it’s only 60 seconds on the screen, this incredible line took weeks to find.

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Living the Fish Dream

Fishing guide Carter Andrews is living the dream—he’s made his passion is his work. Carter gets in nearly 300 days of fishing annually and helps protect hundreds of species. “Most people go on fishing vacations. My life is fishing,” says Carter, a TV host who practices catch-and-release fishing.

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Through Clouds

For Ryan Robinson and his team, it took four years of research, planning, setbacks, and one failed attempt to cross a thousand-foot highline rigged to Dedo de Deus, or Finger of God, in Brazil’s Serra dos Órgãos National Park.

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The Tompkins

From the The North Face, Esprit, and Patagonia, many amazing things have come. After selling his interest in Esprit, Doug Tompkins turned his attention toward southern Chile, where he had spent much time climbing, kayaking, and skiing, to focus on land conservation and environmental activism.

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Surf/Snow Board

Inspired by his roots as a surfer, legendary snowboarder and ROAM Founding Contributor Jeremy Jones set out to design a snowboard that would allow him to experience the effortless glide of riding waves while cruising pow. “Anybody who’s ever surfed understands that that if their board is faster, they catch more waves, they get longer rides."


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