Achieving Your Dreams

with Mike Horn

Mike Horn

This is a class taught by arguably THE top expert on being a badass and embracing adventure, but the application of these lessons aren’t just for those who want to launch world-spanning expeditions - but on how to make your everyday life more of an adventure, elevate your motivation and drive, and achieve your dreams.

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Achieving Your Dreams

June 24th

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Mike Horn is acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest modern day adventurer-explorers. He has undertaken exceptional feats of endurance, determination and courage, which have extended the boundaries of human achievement. Mike’s list of accomplishments is unparalleled. He has been pushing the boundaries of exploration for more than 20 years now. He’s circled the world twice (once on the Equator and once on the Arctic Circle); he’s walked to the North Pole in winter and complete darkness ; he’s sailed around the planet for four years on his boat educating the youth about the environment; and he’s scaled four of the world’s 8,000+m mountains.

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