Fundamentals of Mountain Biking

Joey Schusler is about to take you on a ride... to learn the fundamentals that are essential to getting the most out of mountain biking.

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21 minutes

Essential Gear

A review of what you need and what you want - laid out piece by piece, handled, overall cost, where to buy. Emphasis on the bike selection, fit basics, and what you need to get out and start riding or start riding better!


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5 minutes

Techniques + Approach

You will learn fundamental fitness tips, approach to training and learning, the necessary mindset, resources to get out on the trail for a 1-3 hour ride.


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6 minutes

Planning Your Ride

Learn where to go, how you get yourself there, what you need to remember, your check list at home, at the trailhead and for your ride. From fuel and tools to a patch kit and shock pump - the things you need to plan a great day out on the trail.


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12 minutes

Basic Bike Maintenance

What you need for basic bike maintenance at home and on the trail. How to care for you bike pre and post ride.


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15 minutes

Fundamentals of Bike Handling

Learn the basics of bike handling for the trail and the drills you can practice for cornering/berms, shifting basics, ascending, descending, balance drills.


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5 minutes

Advanced Bike Handling Drills

Learn drills and the basics to learn and practice bunny hop, manual, wheelie, jumps and drops.


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3 minutes

Putting It All Together

Joey and Thomas put it all together in a shred session that inspires.


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1 minute

Conclusion to Mountain Biking

Go forth and ride!

Meet your Instructor

Joey Schusler professional downhill mountain bike racer residing in Boulder, Colorado.

Schusler started racing the Mountain States Cup in Colorado at the age of 13. By 14 he had risen to be one of the top ranked riders in Colorado. In 2005 he began racing in the USA National Series where he over the next two years he would rise to become one of the top 3 USA juniors. In 2007 he competed in his first UCI World Championships in Ft. William, Scotland. In 2008 he competed in his second UCI World Championships race in Val di Sole, Italy. By 2009 Schusler started out his first season as a full-time professional and UCI Elite rider. Competing as a pro in the USA National Series, Schusler finished in second place in the overall championship. Schusler was also selected to be on the USA World Championship team in Australia in 2009 where he finished 32nd in the world.