Mindfulness, Resilience & Compassion

A very special class from a distinguished group of leading thinkers, instructors and coaches in the areas of mindfulness, resilience, and compassion. Whether in the field, at home, or at work, these practices can help us all during challenging times of stress or change in our daily lives.

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Mindfulness, Resilience and Compassion

July 8th

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This is a unique and wonderful class for ROAM Members as it brings together some of the great coaches and instructors in the areas of mindfulness, resilience, compassion, and the science of happiness. We are honored and grateful for the time and wisdom of the entire Wisdom Labs team.

Parneet Pal is a Harvard and Columbia-trained physician working at the intersection of lifestyle medicine, technology and behavior change. An educator and science communicator, she applies her subject matter expertise to optimize human health and its impact on business leadership and planetary wellbeing. She strongly believes we can create a compassionate society where health is the default. As Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs, she focuses on solving for stress, burnout and loneliness in the workplace. Wisdom Labs aspires to build wiser workplaces using the science of mindfulness and scaling the skills of mental resilience, emotional intelligence and compassionate leadership across organizations. Mark Coleman is an inner and outer explorer, who has devotedly studied mindfulness meditation practices for three decades. He is passionate about sharing the power of meditation and has taught mindfulness workshops and meditation retreats in six continents for the past twenty years. Mark is a senior meditation teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and has taught there since 2000. Mark holds a MA in Clinical Psychology and draws on his extensive experience in working with people as a therapist and coach. Michelle Maldonado has been recognized as one of the “12 Powerful Women in the Mindfulness Movement,” “Woman of The Year,” and a “Top Corporate Leader,” with her work featured in The Mindful Leader, the DQ Institute in association with the World Economic Forum, Mindful Magazine and Thrive Global. Michelle’s work focuses on leadership development at the pivotal intersection of mindfulness, unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, authenticity, and compassion, nestled on a foundation of neuroscience and research.

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