On the Road With Family 101

First in a two-part class series taught by former pro skier, adventure traveler and ultimate dad Kina Pickett. This class is for anyone who wants to hit the road in an RV, with a special focus on family.

Kina shares the intentions and philosophy behind spending time on the road with his wife and kids, how to choose the best RV for your family, and essential gear for living large while packing small. He'll also take you a tour of his own RV for inspiration and give some tips on how to make traveling in an RV a great opportunity to connect with your family. Make sure to catch part two soon! This course is brought to you courtesy of Go RVing.

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Meet your instructor

Kina has evolved his professional skiing career into that of a photographer, visual storyteller and successful entrepreneur.

Kina was born and raised in Vermont and has always been close to nature. After a professional skiing career, Kina started the creative production house called Helio. Following the success of Helio, Kina developed a collaborative ideation platform called ZPPR. His self-made businesses gave Kina and his family the ability to travel in their 1971 Airstream to visit family and explore Vermont. Kina is on a mission to explore the nomadic family lifestyle that leads all the way back to his roots, while creating a wonderful life with his wife and kids.

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