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Essentials of a Climbing Photo Shoot: Production 101

by Jimmy Chin

While there are plenty of online photography courses, being a good shooter and being able to produce a photoshoot on El Capitan assignment are totally different skills. Gear selection and packing techniques are an essential part of getting top results on assignment. In this class, I invite you into my world, into my gear room and office, to see what I bring and how I prepare for a one-day climbing photoshoot on El Capitan with Alex Honnold.

Who this class is for: Photographers and Climbers who want to know how to prepare for a one-day photo shoot in the field like a professional.
If you’ve ever cursed yourself for humping too much gear into the field or found yourself unprepared without a critical piece of gear or preparation – this class is for you. If you want to level up as a director and team leader, you will find essential information in this class.