Ear to the Ground Show Notes – 3/26/21

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The Stoke Makers of the High Fives Foundation | Outside Online

Roy Tuscany: Founder of High Five Foundation
High Fives Foundation held their annual Ski-a-thon this year in a hybrid virtual and in person setting at Sugarbush Mountain. Check out everything the high five foundation is doing here: https://highfivesfoundation.org/10th-annual-fat-ski-a-thon

Mark Sullivan:

Natural Selection just finished broadcasting, they had some high winds so they actually had to change the route to a different face of the mountain which was an unprecedented challenge for riders. Check out winners, stat totals, and more here: https://www.naturalselectiontour.com

Also, you can stay updated on all things snowboarding by following Mark and his podcast: https://thesnowboardproject.com

Kyrsten Stone:

Vasu Sojitra, North Face athlete and a familiar face on Ear to the Ground, just became the first adaptive athlete to ascend Mount Morin. Check out his profile here and tune into future Ear to the Ground rooms to ask questions and here his story. https://www.thenorthface.com/about-us/athletes/vasu-sojitra.html

Micah Abrams:
A court case in Colorado for two people who started an avalanche that caused over a hundred thousand dollars in cleanup and damage costs has been postponed because a jury failed to show up. Also, Ikon has lowered the cost of their pass, which sparked a debate on how that would impact the industry, both in a good and bad way.

Brandon Ellis:
Brandon has been doing a lot of climbing near his hometown of Washington D.C. His take on the subject of the Ikon Pass is that lowers the economic gate so more people can afford to go skiing regularly. It’s about time the ski industry diversified and this is a great step in the right direction.

Dave Amirault:

As a long-time member of the ski industry, Dave’s take on the Ikon Pass prompt is that Ikon is actually making a play at something bigger. The reality of the situation is that Ikon is exclusive, its for top skiers who have the time and resources to ski all the time. Their game plan however, is to make the entire ski industry subscription based. Instead of going to a mountain and buying a day pass, ikon is trying to get people to sign up for their pass. This will cause higher sticker prices on the mountain, but could help a lot with the inclusivity of the industry. Dave thinks this play is only one step in a longer goal.

Andy Patrick:
As the COO of ROAM, Andy is making a call to any and all content creators. His email is andypatrick@roammedia.com, reach out to him if you’re a content creator of any kind in the outdoor space and would possibly like to work with ROAM or Andy in the future.

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