Ear to the Ground Show Notes – 3/5/21

Show notes from our weekly Ear To The Ground Show on Clubhouse. Join us every Friday at 4:30 pm MST

Jeremy Jones
Socials: @jeremyjones

Crush it 4 Climate officially on! It’s a running celebration of the natural places and resources we need to protect. For the month of March, ever dollar pledged to Crush it 4 Climate is going to be matched up to 500K.

Learn more about the challenge here: https://www.strava.com/challenges/1661

Jeremy also works with Protect our winters, Learn more about that here: https://protectourwinters.org

Kyrstin Stone
Socials: @kyrie822

Surfrider LA is doing a paddle out in Manhattan beach for International Womens Day 8AM- 10AM. The event is hosted by Dream Team Society, you can check them out here: https://www.dreamteamsociety.com

Climbers of Color is hosted a zoom discussion about BIPOC in the outdoor world, open only to people of color. Learn more about Climbers of Color here: https://www.climbersofcolor.org

Textured Waves is hosting an international women’s day panel celebrating all kinds of people in the surf industry. Check out textured waves here: https://www.texturedwaves.com

Women in Wellness digital summit on https://www.tryxconquer.com multiple panels going on this weekend.

Mark Sullivan
Socials: @mediaknievel

In Europe the Absolut Park just held Spring Battle https://www.absolutpark.com/en/contests/#springbattle

It was online, produced like an Instagram contest and then the awards were streamed on youtube live to mitigate covid risk.

Natural Selection airing on march 19 on https://www.redbull.com/us-en/events/natural-selection-tour

World snow board championships in Aspen starting next week https://www.fis-ski.com/en/international-ski-federation/news-multimedia/news/fis-snowboard-freeski-world-championships-2021-moved-to-aspen-usa

Check out Mark’s podcast Close Calls https://player.fm/series/the-snowboard-project/close-calls-in-the-backcountry-with-bjorn-leines-and-mark-sullivan

Chris Davenport
Socials: @steepskiing

Ski resorts in western CO are getting busier, covid might be mellowing out and people are moving to the mountain. Hopefully the season can at least get near the norm at the end.

Athletes from all over the world are coming to Aspen to compete in the FIS World Champs as Mark Sullivan talked about.

In April, the US National Championship in Skiing is happening at Aspen Highlands

Nanggaahlaangstangs (Damen Bell)
Socials: @nanggaahlaangstangs

Indigenous people are still here. Our people, our cultures, our languages, it is all still here.

Healthy challengeL invest back into the land instead of just acknowledging them

Damen started a bike back program teaching bike maintenance, so the indigenous young people have a skill, bike shops are sponsoring them so get in touch with him to invest back into the land

Lynsey Dyer
Socials: @lynseydyer

There are only 100 big horned sheep left in America, so Lynsey is working on efforts to save them.

International women’s ski day on March 7, check out what’s going on here https://forecastski.com/international-womens-ski-day

Ariel Macrae
Socials: @roam

Every Ear to the Ground is followed by an After-show where we have more in-depth conversations about the outdoor community, culture, and more. This week, we’re talking about Badass Women in the Outdoors and how more women can get involved competitively, professionally, and recreationally. If you want to be part of some awesome conversation, tune in to clubhouse at 7:35 MST right after Ear to the Ground every Friday!

Cory Richards
Socials: @coryrichards

The Tibetan side of Everest has not issued any permits, so any expiditions from that side are officially not happening this season. There were talks about not allowing new routes and only opening the main ones, which seems backwards because they would be limiting the amount of space available but that remains to be seen.

Cory works on the ROAM podcast, just started season 2, focusing on the jump from awareness to activism and how we become activists vs people that are aware of the problem. Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-roam-podcast/id1505392492

Terry O’Connor
Socials: @seeterrygo

In Borneo, a medical clinic exchanged services for proof of environmentally friendly practices and the guarding of forests that are home to many indigenous peoples. Terry recently read that after 10 years of that effort, they had a 70% reduction of deforestation in those areas compared to control areas.

It’s a group called “Health In Harmony” check them out here: https://healthinharmony.org/

Brandon Ellis
Socials: @theeyesofb

The climbing space, where Brandon lives both recreationally and professionally, is so interesting in the people that it attracts. Brandon gives a shoutout to three specific people: Sarah Wranger and Alec Andersen started the AT at the southern tip a few days ago. Also Tyler Thompson, a 20 year old climber who’s strength and skill are insane, lots of people are growing out of the DC climbing space so hit up Brandon to hear more and to be a part of it.

Eric Henderson
Socials: @jxnhende

Eric has an impressive rap sheet. His philosophy in life is that food and outdoor experiences bring people together. Following that mantra, Eric went all over the world adventuring, meeting people, and guiding. When he broke his neck as a ski guide, he transitioned to marketing where he could still share stories. His goal here is to connect the dots between people, gear, and the stories that they create. You can check out some of the stuff he’s working on here: https://outdoormediasummit.com/speaker/eric-henderson/

Andy Patrick
Socials: @roam

Andy was inspired by Damen’s source, it made him realize that there are people, photographers, filmmakers, and content creators, who make a living out of capturing cultures. He calls out to anyone who has a connection to a language that isn’t English to reach out to him because he plans on putting together a podcast to talk about the importance of language and how to preserve and promote cultures.

Micah Abrams
Socials: @micah_abrams

Micah works for a company previously called Pocket Outdoor Media, now Outside, and last week had a huge merger with a few companies. You can check out last weeks episode of Ear to the Ground to hear more about it. Now they’re in the “Digestion Phase” so a lot of new content coming soon. Check out the new Outside here: https://www.pocketoutdoormedia.com/

Ryan Hodgson
Socials: @ryanintheus

He is working with USAID in the country of Georgia to send people there and bring awareness up and to increase tourism. The idea is that the country is in the shadow of Russia, and in order to give it its own identity, people need to see it as an individual. Ryan’s company is sending 15 content creators over to produce film, photo, etc. If anyone is interested in having a partnership for tourism then connect with Ryan.

John Meisner
Socials: @meisner_

John works for Protect our Winters Canada on a bunch of different initiatives. He’s encouraging people to participate in Crush it 4 Climate, and also to check out the other initiatives put on internationally by POW. Personally, John has worked in places like Brazil where he admits the progress toward environmental sustainability is slow, but is also hopeful for the future.

Chris Kilgour
Socials: @cjkilgour

Chris works for an organization called Color in the Outdoors, which aims to get both youth and parents into the outdoors to create a community of people that are familiar with, and like to participate, in the outdoor community. He urges people to work with marginalized groups in any way they can and wants to reiterate what Damen said earlier… Indigenous peoples are still here and still doing amazing things. Check out Color in the Outdoors here: https://www.facebook.com/colorintheoutdoors/

Dineo Dowd
Socials: @dineodowd

Self-Published Author for people of color in the outdoors. Check out her work here: https://dineodowd.com/

She encourages people to follow Emily Ford on Instagram (@emilyontrail) who made history by finishing the ice age trail this weekend.

Roam is now part of the Outside network of brands, click here to check it out!Outside Online