Ep. 5 Mike Horn: An Explorer’s View on Fear and the Unknown

Chris Jerard + Cory Richards

In this episode, Cory and CJ have a conversation with Explorer Mike Horn, who has recently completed his three-year-long Pole 2 Pole Expedition. We use this opportunity to speak with Mike on climate change, fear, preparation, and of course, his thoughts on social distancing and confinement.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mike Horn is globally recognized as the world’s greatest living explorer. From swimming the Amazon River solo and unsupported to an un-motorized circumnavigation of the globe at the equator, Mike has seen more of the Earth than possibly any other human. As a kid, he learned more from his father, an outdoorsman, than from any of his teachers. Mike did not want to sit in a classroom and listen to someone, he wanted to go out and experience it. Mike has walked to the North Pole during the dark season (more people have been to the moon) and has scaled some of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks, including an attempt to paraglide K2. Most recently, Mike has completed the second and last chapter of his Pole2Pole expedition, which entailed circumnavigating the globe via both poles. 

“You see, this time at home is time gained, not time lost.” – Mike Horn

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Show Notes: 

Welcome to the ROAM From Home Podcast where we talk to some of the greatest minds in adventure on how they are adjusting, adapting and making the most of this unprecedented time during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Mike’s Expeditions:

Latitude 0



K2 Calling

North Pole

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