Ep. 7: Juliet & Kelly Starrett

Chris Jerard + Cory Richards

Dr. Kelly and Juliet Starrett of The Ready State

First Principles of Health and Mobility 

Kelly and Juliet are Co-Founders of The Ready State

  • TRS is an online resource of follow along movement and mobility videos 
  • Kelly takes his deep in-person experience as a “go-to” trainer and expert with the elite-of-elite (with NBA, MLB, NFL, UFC, Special Forces, ) and makes those learnings accessible for everyone on pain relief, recovery and improved performance. 

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First Principles – “the base” – that can be helpful to general health

  1. Moving – get 12,000 steps in at minimum
  2. Eat 800 grams of fruits and vegetables 
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep (Juliet cannot have coffee after 1pm – disruptive for sleep)
    1. Sleep tools 
      1. Eye mask for darkness
      2. No phones in the bedroom
      3. ChiliPad to regulate temperature 
      4. Weighted blanket 
      5. Read Why We Sleep by Matt Walker

Four Pillars of Health

  1. Sleep 
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exercise
  4. Community 

Books written by Kelly and Juliet:

Becoming a Supple Leopard

Ready To Run


What I’m reading:

Raven Tower – Anne Leckie – (Kelly) 

Walking the Nile – Levinson Wood (Juliet) 

What I’m listening to: 

Jon Bellion 

Yost Playlist


80s Pop Music

Things that make me feel good right now: 

Zoom birthday parties

Waving to people 

General Notes for health and happiness 

  • Help your brain relax through your body 
  • Go outside if accessible 
  • Alcohol is actually a stressor 
  • Find the inputs to calm down 
  • 10 minutes of soft tissue work before bed can help “down regulate” 
  • Get one meal a day together with the people you are sheltering with 
  • Sitting -> one of the corrosive aspects America’s deteriorating health 
  • Be nice to yourself 
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