Ep. 9: Keith Ladzinski – The Creative Perspective

Cory Richards + Chris Jerard

Keith Ladzinski is a ROAM Founding Member and long-time friend and collaborator of co-host Cory Richards. His work as a contributing photographer at National Geographic is well-known and acknowledged by his peers as being technically masterful with a unique ability to convey emotion. He broke into photography with skateboarding in the city while simultaneously exploring the quiet mountains of Colorado. Both passions informed his work. From skating to storm chasing, Keith has made a career as a visual artist with a specialty of documenting and sharing strong subcultures.

With nearly 100 magazine cover stories and numerous accolades it is safe to say Keith knows what he is doing with a camera. He is also an Emmy nominated director.

This conversation goes deep into Keith’s creative approach, upbringing as the son of immigrants, outlook on the time we’re living in today and how he is finding opportunity for growth.

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