Mike Horn’s Historic Crossing

Explorer Mike Horn considers the Antarctic crossing the hardest things he’s ever done


Mike Horn Completed the Longest Unsupported Crossing of Antarctica—Alone

“The Antarctic crossing was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” says Mike Horn, considered the world’s greatest living explorer. This spring he completed the longest unsupported crossing of Antarctica in history—57 days alone on the ice. For 5,000 kilometers, Mike kite skied through a harsh desert of snow, ice, crevasses, and mountains. Temperatures dropped to -62 degrees F. Winds howled at 112 mph. He lost 36 pounds. Fifty-seven days later, he reached the ocean, where he would continue on the next leg his Pole2Pole expedition to circumnavigate the Earth.

Mike and his family are currently crossing Southeast Asia overland for a new series called Driven to Explore. We’ll be following their progress as they travel from Malaysia to Hong Kong, with a stopover in Pakistan so Mike can climb an unclimbed peak. Stay tuned for weekly coverage from this ongoing adventure.

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