Outdoor Retailer 2021 Best In Show

Our top picks of the best outdoor gear from this year’s event

Shower Toga

Always on the go? Need a quick solution for showering on the road? Check out this Shower Toga! An easy way to shower outside with 100% privacy but also great for keeping warm. It even turns into a bag!
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POP Paddleboards

Check out these fun and wild inflatable paddleboards from POP!
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Get ready to go with the new bike rack from Kuat!
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Get your eco-friendly hoodie from Coalatree! Perfect for everyday wear and can even turn into a travel pillow for a nap on the go.
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New paddleboards from Hurley! With a variety of models, you can pick and chose what type of paddleboarding best suits your needs on the water.
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Uncharted Supply Company

Uncharted Supply Company is here to bring safety back on the trails for you and your dog. Check out their awesome first-aid kits designed for any outdoor activity.
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Enjoy a sleeping bag you can wear with Poler!
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Flikr Fire

Get worm and cozy with Flikr Fire! Perfect for camping, van life or an extra light in the house.
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Kijaro aims for innovative outdoor gear with premium designs made from recycled water bottles.
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Check out these awesome van builds from Vandoit!
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Dr. Bronners

Check out Dr. Bronners new edible treat… dark chololate! Dr. Bronner’s makes pure-castile soap, hair and body care products of the highest quality.
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Sawyer Products

Sawyer makes water filtration systems that keep you going regardless of your journey. They aim to keep you hydrated and bring clean water to developing countries.
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Get funky and fun with Kavu! They have aweomse overalls, hats and even… a popcorn shirt?
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Orca Coolers

A new Orca cooler coming in hot, on wheels! Pair it with a mug and your drinks will never get warm.
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Skratch Labs

Fuel up with some tasty and nutritious bars from Skratch. Their newest bars are such a treat!
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You can’t go wrong with a fun drink cooler, dress up your cup with Puffin!
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Black Folks Camp Too

Earl B. Hunter, Jr is bringing people together with Black Folks Camp Too. He aims to increase diversity in the outdoor industry.
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Costa Del Mar

Sunglasses made from recycled fishing nets, you can’t go wrong with these scratch proof sunglasses from Costa
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Check out the latest and greatest at Trango! They are bringing a new crashpad, climbing shoes and bag to the market!
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