Awards Inspiration Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin

All it takes is the right door to open. And BOOM. You can become an admired storyteller like Jimmy Chin.

As Jimmy recalls, “I first started shooting when I was 22-23 years old. I put an expedition together to Pakistan, and it was the photos from that trip that Conrad Anker, who was the photo editor at The North Face at the time, saw. That was really my first break. Conrad saw the images and invited me to photograph one of his big expeditions. That was really the launch of my career. Back then, there weren’t very many platforms for people to see your work. So with the ROAM Awards, we want to give people a platform, and bring to light new talent and great storytellers. And hopefully, give them a chance to launch their careers.

But here’s the thing about that open door. It doesn’t open itself. You have to work smart and take the steps necessary when opportunities come up. The ROAM Awards is one of those opportunities. Learn more about the ROAM Awards, take a chance, and enter your work before the submission window closes on October 25, 2019.

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