ROAM Reports: Discovery

We roam to discover new parts of ourselves and the world. Whether it’s your first time getting up on a surfboard, photographing the night sky, seeing a whale surface for air, planning an expedition, or falling in love with the desert, these experiences leave a lasting impression on us, shifting our perspective or even changing the course of our lives.

Sailing to 85 Degrees North

by Mike Horn with Roam

Crossing the Southern Ocean

by ROAM with Mike Horn

North of Known

by ROAM with Gavin McClurg

Climbing Papsura

by ROAM with Hilaree Nelson & Jim Morrison

Crossing Antarctica

by ROAM with Mike Horn

Granite Cities

by ROAM with Kilian Fischhuber

Ice & Palms

by ROAM with Eis & Palmen

Running the Dolomites

by ROAM with Chris Brinlee Jr.

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The Eiger, April 9th, 2015

The ride of my life has yet to begin, and the intensity level is already peaking.