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Boundless: Episode 5

Colorado Skatepark Tour with Annie Guglia

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Annie Guglia is a Professional Skateboarder from Montreal, Canada. Rather than hitting the same spots all year, Annie decided to head to Colorado in her RV taking in the open space, colors, and concrete skateparks.We joined Annie for a few days on and off the grid with her friend Alexis Fortin to hit some of Colorado’s best skateparks. Between skating and meeting with friends, Annie and Alexis head off the grid to cook, camp, and enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Chasing Concrete

by Gregory Berg

What can one say about the road, a plank of curved wood and some skateboard wheels attached to it? A lifetime of adventure awaits, that much is for damn sure. Chasing views as well as parks can be taken to another level when you introduce the idea of spending time in an RV while driving the American landscape. Growing up with a skateboard in hand, you learn about this overwhelming sense of freedom, almost like a sixth sense. That sixth sense will stick with you for a lifetime.

Photo by Roam | Santino Martirano

Concrete, a welcoming part of being a skater. Asphalt can get tough to constantly skate. When you come across a perfectly poured concrete bowl, there may not be a better feeling. Whether in the streets of Brooklyn, or in the foothills of one of the largest ski destinations in the world, concrete parks are a universal welcoming to all skaters.

Annie Guglia, a professional skateboarder from Montreal, Quebec, drove in her RV through Colorado to feel some of that freshly poured concrete. Colorado, a divine space for all outdoor recreation houses some of the best skateparks in the nation. Park the RV, stretch the legs, say hi to a friend and get out and skate. What could be better? Living and traveling in an RV gives you a different sensation, rather than some hotel in a new city. Having the RV, you can go anywhere at any time. Pack up, hop in, next spot. Easy as 1,2,3.


Photo by Roam | Santino Martirano

We joined Annie for a few days to show her running around and shredding some of Colorado’s best skateparks. Between the sessions and hanging with old friends, Annie and Alexis head off the grid to cook, camp, and breathe some of that quality Rocky Mountain fresh air. As we followed her journey and listened to her perspective, we slowly understood that this sixth sense is very much realistic if you remain passionate and inspired. Keep your head to the sky. Skateboarding and driving, they both fall under a similar umbrella. Wandering, roaming, figuring out your next destination while at the same time not really stressing to get there…Follow along as we try our hardest to showcase that sense of freedom.

Photo by Roam | Santino Martirano

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