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From Utah’s Desert to Oregon’s Mt. Hood, Boundless takes us through all aspects of adventure in the outdoors. Whether you are seeking the adrenaline rush of dropping waterfalls or the sublime act of plein air painting with loved ones, this series takes an in-depth look at life on the road.


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Photos by Santino Martirano | ROAM

Created by Roam Media Presented by GORV!


Ryan Robinson

Rafa Ortiz

Latasha Dunston

Griff Washburn

Annie Guglia

With Special Guests:

Peter Ely

Kevin Kennedy

Jason Greene

Cate McCoy

Alexis Fortin

Celia Miller

Directed & Edited by: John Rodosky

Produced by: Santino Martirano

Director of Photography: Thomas Woodson

Additional Cinematography:

Steven Donovan

Brendan Davis

Santino Martirano

John Rodosky

Levi Hoffbeck

Graphics & Titles: Rob Nickels

Executive Producer: Christopher Jerard


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