Ep. 11: Aaron Huey – The Relentless Pursuit of Going Deeper and Further

by Cory Richards + Chris Jerard

Aaron Huey is a tireless force of art and activism. He is truly an Adventurer with Purpose. 

He is someone who makes content that moves the dial. While well-known as a National Geographic Photographer, and contributor to many national publications, he self-describes as a “someone who makes media experiments.”  And his work and history proves the statement. From a 3,349 mile walk across America and a genesis in scrappy editorial assignments to landing on the main stage at TEDTalks to collaborating with Shepard Fairy on street art, Aaron’s journey is inspiring and unique. 

It’s a rapid fire conversation between Cory and Aaron. Potent episode! 


  • Aaron’s walk across America and how to walk, literally, into the unknown with uncertainty 
  • The moment he realized, while being shot at, “to stop fucking around” and ask his girlfriend, now wife, to marry him  
  • How going deeper and “so much further” is critical to breaking into publications like National Geographic
  • The line between activism and journalism and how he balances passionate and personalized storytelling and the facts 
  • How he started a collaboration with Shepard Fairy and launched Amplifier.org
  • Teaching his son photography and adventure 
  • Why he wears gold shoes at specific times for a specific reason
  • How the stories he works on change his life 

Aaron’s new site is amazing and can be seen here!

Check out Aaron’s art and Advocacy non-profit Amplifier.

You can also see more of Aaron’s incredible work on his personal website.