Mind Body Prep

Lynsey shares some of her favorite exercises that you can do at home with minimal equipment to get you ready for go time.

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Pre Ski Warm Up

A series of exercises to build flexibility, stability, power, and automation to wake up the muscles and integrate the muscles with your nervous system to achieve flow state.


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7:43 Minutes

Pre-Strength Training

Building your brain and your nervous system for a warm-up prior to the big strength protocol.


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9:35 minutes

Strength Training

With some simple items from around your home, Lynsey now starts to move into building true strength.


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9:00 Minutes

Conditioning Workout

Get ready for multiple reps and sets as Lynsey helps you build the conditioning for long, powder-filled days on the mountain.


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11:28 Minutes

Travel / Desk Chair Cure

Lynsey shares easy cures for long travel or sitting behind that desk for a bit too long.


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35:00 Minutes

Transformational Breathing

Lynsey share her experience with a powerful meditation / breathing technique. PLEASE NOTE: Transformational breathing is not recommended for those with known heart conditions or women who are pregnant.

Meet your Instructor

As a professional skier, Lynsey’s career has spanned over a decade. Starring in films from the likes of Teton Gravity Research, Warren Miller, Sherpa’s Cinema and more. Lynsey has skied on 6 continents, won every big mountain competition she’s entered, been awarded Female Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine multiple times, and cemented her place as one of the best big mountain skiers in the world while inspiring a generation of young female athletes through popular Ted talks on 'Skiing like a girl' and filmmaking. As a director, Lynsey produced and directed the first and only all female ski film Pretty Faces after fundraising $113K on Kickstarter. Pretty Faces was the most successful fundraising campaign for an action sports film ever on the platform, and went on to sell out 100 shows and win various awards. Her latest project, the Showing UP podcast, can be found on iTunes. She loves to share stories that help us all remember that anything is possible especially when you remember to play outside. Lynsey has also created her own line of ski and surf wear which you can find at https://unicornpicnic.com/