ROAM Reports: Awe

There are times and places in life that take our breath away. These experiences go beyond our comprehension and bring us fully into the present moment. We aim to encapsulate these moments as memories through our art, in order to etch that feeling onto our soul forever. From the deepest sense of calm, to uninhibited joy, to pure reverence, the enduring beauty of earth’s wild, rugged places compels us to share our experiences with the world.

Kayak & Climb Indonesia

by ROAM with Sasha DiGiulian

Burkard Surfs the Arctic

by ROAM with Chris Burkard

Urban Whitewater

by ROAM with Rafa Oritz

2nd Ascent of Meltdown

by ROAM with Carlo Traversi

Ski Mountaineering Alaska

by ROAM with Chris Davenport

Old Man of Storr

by ROAM with Benjamin Kofler and Mattia Felix Felicetti

Bishop River

by ROAM with Chris Korbulic

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