Burkard Surfs the Arctic

ROAM with Chris Burkard

Iceland is home to some of the North Atlantic’s stormiest seas. Chris Burkard has traveled to the country 29 times in search of the perfect surf break. During the making of his film “Under an Arctic Sky” Chris and his team endured the strongest storm to hit Iceland in 25 years.

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Mike Horn and Borge Ousland’s place in Arctic history. The difference between Fridtj’s expeditions in the ’80s and Borge Ousland and Mike Horn’s expedition in 2019. […]

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Ex-Tesla Engineer Ryan Lynch Designs Wooden Surfboards

Ex-Tesla engineer Ryan Lynch designs wooden surfboards. Surfing was a sport founded on wood boards, and it unfortunately frayed from that. […]

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Surfing has gone through revolutions through its history; periods where technology and talent reached new peaks and pushed the sport forward. […]

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