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Sailing to 85 Degrees North

Explorers Mike Horn and Børge Ousland sailed into the Arctic Ocean farther North than any non-icebreaking vessel in history.

April 9, 2020

Mike Horn with Roam

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Running the Dolomites

Professional adventurer and storyteller Chris Brinlee Jr paired up with good friend Orey Spear, to tackle 100 miles of The Dolomites by foot.

March 19, 2020

ROAM with Chris Brinlee Jr.

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Ice & Palms

These two freeskiing friends went on a human-powered journey across the Western Alps, skiing iconic mountains and bikepacking along the way.

ROAM with Eis & Palmen

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Granite Cities

Austrian rock climber, Kilian Fischhuber, descended upon Siberia’s Granite Cities with a team of elite climbers.

ROAM with Kilian Fischhuber

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Crossing Antarctica

Mike Horn set out to cross Antarctica alone, kite-skiing up to 20 hours a day, pulling 500 lbs of supplies, and enduring temperatures below -65° F.

ROAM with Mike Horn

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Climbing Papsura

Hilaree Nelson dodges storms, sloughs slides, and subjects herself to the extremes to make history and achieve her 20-year dream.

ROAM with Hilaree Nelson & Jim Morrison

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North of Known

Paraglider Gavin McClurg pushes the limits of his sport in this 500-mile traverse of the incredibly remote Alaska Range.

ROAM with Gavin McClurg

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Crossing the Southern Ocean

Very few have sailed to Antarctica in this manner nor has anybody ever succeeded in crossing the continent on a route as long or aggressive as Explorer Mike HOrn has planned.

ROAM with Mike Horn