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Moments / Tides is a song I wrote at the beginning of the surf season here in Oregon. I’d been away from the coast for half a year due to weather and building Casa Pequeña (my tiny house). I’d forgotten how much life and clarity being in the ocean gives me. I’m hopeful that through the song and video, people can get a taste of what it’s like gliding over the water.

August 7, 2020

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Bishop River

A narrow gorge locked in by 2,500-foot walls, forests too dense to scout, a lost kayak, food shortages. These are just some of the challenges kayaker Chris Korbulic and his team faced.

March 19, 2020

ROAM with Chris Korbulic

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Ski Mountaineering Alaska

One of the world’s most accomplished big-mountain skiers, Chris Davenport, ventures out to the remote edges of the Alaska Range in search of first ski descents.

ROAM with Chris Davenport

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2nd Ascent of Meltdown

Carlo Traversi has made the long-awaited second ascent of Meltdown (5.14c), the intensely fierce finger crack.

ROAM with Carlo Traversi

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Old Man of Storr

Thomas Monsoro gets inspired to rig an epic highline to The Old Man of Storr, an iconic pinnacle of rock nestled amongst the crags in the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

ROAM with Benjamin Kofler and Mattia Felix Felicetti

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Urban Whitewater

Kayaker Rafa Oritz savors some of the best whitewater in the nation just 15 miles outside of Washington, D.C.

ROAM with Rafa Oritz

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Longboarding Mexico

See how today’s longboarders celebrate surfing’s fun-loving, soulful spirit at the annual Mexi Log Fest in La Saladita, Mexico.


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Burkard Surfs the Arctic

Chris Burkard has traveled to Iceland, home to some of the North Atlantic’s stormiest seas, 29 times in search of the perfect surf break.

ROAM with Chris Burkard

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Kayak & Climb Indonesia

Pro climber Sasha DiGiulian and writer/photographer Chris Brinlee Jr. use sea kayaks to explore and develop climbing on different islands of Indonesia.

ROAM with Sasha DiGiulian